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What’s The Deal With Avocado Toast?

What’s The Deal With Avocado Toast?

When I first moved to London in 2010 I didn’t even know what an avocado was. My first ever memory of it was when my friend put it in a salad and to be polite I had to try it. Now, 8 years later, I’m finding myself spending my weekend mornings either slathering it on some sourdough bread or ordering it at a cafe to stick on social media. Hashtag – brunchgoals! It’s no secret the world has gone a bit avocado crazzzzzzzy. So much so, in fact, there are whole restaurants dedicated to avocado and the hashtag for avocado has got over 8 million mentions on Instagram. 8 MILLION!! Crazy, right? Unlike most marketing fads, it’s ACTUALLY true. Avocado toast is delicious AND good for you AND packed with loads of healthy fats and vitamins so why shouldn’t we love it when it feels like you’re having your cake and eating it too! Whether you call it Avo toast, Avo smash, Avo mash or Avocado on toast we’re an obsessed avocado society. This dreamy combo is not a new trend, though. The Aussies have been on this for years but for some reason it’s hit the big time all around with world in the last few years. So, what’s the big deal with avocado on toast? Why do we love it SO much? And could our addiction even stop us affording to buy a home in the future?

Let’s start with the last point because let’s face it, it sounds ridiculous. In this article by Millionaire Tim Gurner, he implies that today’s ‘avocado toast society’ (my words not his) won’t be able to afford property because they’re wasting money on fancy toast and overpriced coffee. Well, let me tell you, Tim, If I never bought another avocado again in my life I’d still never be able to afford to buy a place of my own, in London anyway, but I do see your point. I think what Tim’s trying to say in a roundabout way is that tucking into our Sunday morning avocado toast is a luxury, a treat. Even if we don’t see it that way because we’ve become avocado blind. So, Is there more to that piece of luxury that meets the eye?


Unlike a lot of things you order at a restaurant avocado toast is one we could very easily make ourselves at home – for a lot cheaper too I might add! So why do we choose to pay double for it in a restaurant than one we can DIY? For three reasons … One – It (arguably) tastes better than you could make at home so you’re willing to pay the markup. You know that artisan bread, hand-cured bacon and feta from the cliffs of Greece really do make a difference (Yes, I’m taking the piss!). Two – you’re paying to eat the ‘ultimate superfood’. Three – you’re paying for the experience that comes with ‘avo brunches’ and that it makes you feel like you’re little closer to turning into a Bali beach model. Cos’ that’s why they eat, obv! Agree with me or not but the idea of avocado toast carries a real statement! It’s a sign of middle-class wealth that makes you feel like you shop at Waitrose when really you’re a Lidl kinda gal (me!)  Could it be we love avocado toast because subconsciously feels like an affluent thing to do? I think so, and maybe have think about that next time you order it and are asked do you want it smashed, sliced or in the shape of a rose or a swan!

So, what do we think? Do we like it cos it’s delicious? Yes, absolutely. Do we like it cos it’s healthy? Of course.  Do we like it because it denotes the kind of lifestyle we aspire to be living? – the super healthy, goes for brunch, looks perfect way of life? On some level yes, I think it does. Who knew there was more to your avo toast than you thought!!


Wait! Before you go…

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  1. 24th July 2018 / 7:55 am

    I have had avocado since I was little but we had it in a milkshake and not savoury (I am originally from Kenya). I can’t get enough of it now both in a creamy vanilla milkshake or smashed with chilli lime and salt on some toast. I get mine from Aldi cause they are cheaper and most the time better than waitrose

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