5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London

5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London
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When you can’t decide between a doughnut, muffin, croissant or eclair London has got you covered. Here are 5 weird doughnuts you must eat in London. A bit odd but all very tasty!

1. Cronut, Dum Dum Donutterie.

A croissant/doughnut hybrid.

The world famous cronut is a mash-up of two beloved bakery items – a croissant and doughnut. It has a flaky layered inside like a croissant and a sugary caramelised outside like a doughnut. Dum Dum’s version of this calorific concoction is baked not fried, so slightly easier on the waistline. What’s not so easy on the wallet is that the world’s most expensive cronut made by Dum Dum themselves and comes in at a whopping £1,500 as it’s made with gold and sweet caviar. Luckily this one will only set you back no more than £3.

Cronut, Dum Dum Doughnuts: 5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London


2. Duffin, Beas of Bloomsbury.

A doughnut/muffin hybrid.

Bea’s duffin is a doughnut cross muffin hybrid that has fluffy muffin inside, crispy doughnut outside. The ORIGINAL duffin is available from Beas of Bloomsbury ONLY and filled with either jam or Nutella, and you’re wondering why ORIGINAL is in capitals then go and google ‘duffingate’. The big boys at Starbucks stole Beas idea and passed it off as their own. Naughty naughty!

Duffin, Beas Of Bloomsbury : 5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London


3. Doughssant, Harrods.

A doughnut/croissant hybrid.

Imagine a croissant that has been deep fried and rolled in sugar. Picturing it yet? Arteries clogging yet? Then yes, you’ve got it. This croissant-doughnut hybrid buttery and flaky like a croissant but sugary and caramelised like a doughnut. Plus it’s a good excuse to visit Harrod’s food hall and try all the other deliciousness. 

Doughsant, Harrods : 5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London


4. Muffnut, Coffee in the Wood.

A muffin/doughnut hybrid.

Okay, so the muffnut is the same thing as a duffin (doughnut cross muffin), but seriously, how much better does it sound to say you’ve eaten a muffnut? Coffee in the Wood does a great version supplied by Leila’s Bakery and is filled with either peanut butter jelly, Nutella or jam! It also features on my Nutella bucket list you’ll find here.

Muffnut, Coffee In The Wood : 5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London


5. The Clair, Exclusive to Harrods on behalf of Dum Dum Donutterie.

An eclair/doughnut hybrid.

So ‘The Clair’ is a version of an eclair cross doughnut. It’s shaped in a rectangle, filled with buttercream and topped with ganache. This hybrid is again made by doughnut giant Dum Dum’s donuterie but you won’t find them in their stores as they’re exclusive to Harrods. Essentially it’s just an éclair shaped doughnut, but who cares we still love it!

The Clair, Harrods : 5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London



Not So Basic London


  1. 24th November 2016 / 11:30 am

    Oh my gosh, I need to try The Clair, that sounds amazing! I had my first Dum Dum last weekend – we’ve finally got one in Croydon, so I feel I will be a regular customer. 🙂

    • Not So Basic London
      25th November 2016 / 7:31 pm

      Aw awesome. They do one (or used too) called the cronutella! You know whats in that hahaha 😉 it was my fave!! x

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