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The Towpath Cafe

Towpath Cafe

August brings another date of The London Food Social and this time we’re headed to a beaut of a brunch spot in East London –  Towpath Cafe.

Towpath Cafe Towpath Cafe Towpath CafeTowpath Cafe is a little gem that sits beside the canal in Haggerston. Of a morning, you’ll be joined by lots of runners, plenty of cyclists and ton of other ‘brunchers’ enjoying a leisurely weekend.

We know which one we’re choosing to be of those three.

Towpath CafeTheir menu is a bit different to the brunch classics with focus on simple food at its best… (Tomatoes on toast anyone?)

 … and It’s outdoor/indoor set up means it’s perfect for those nicer days in London and is a corker for spending a few hours sipping a coffee and admiring the view (aka people watching).

Towpath CafeIf you’re lucky enough to get a seat (yes, it can get pretty busy) you’ll find service is friendly and informal, with the latter not being a bad thing at all. The way it goes is you’ll…

  1. Find a table.
  2. Order at the counter.
  3. Take your own ticket to the kitchen area and await your name to be called.
  4. When it is, stick your hand up and it’ll be brought to your table. A bit like when you’re in Starbucks or Costa.

This way does mean that everything comes at different times in their own relaxed manner; and while this may not suit everyone, it certainly is part of their charm.

Towpath CafeSo, for the food …

and remember what we said? Simple food at its best!

Towpath CafeNapoli sausage sandwich on some delicious sourdough, with the important question of red sauce or brown?

Towpath CafeTowpath CafeMerinda tomatoes on toast, covered in oil and pepper.  So simple but so good.

Never would it taste like this if you made it at home. Damn you!

Towpath Cafe‘Millies’ special being avocado mixed with hard boiled egg and dolloped on sourdough.

A nice spin on it.

Towpath CafeTowpath CafeGranola for a sweeter option, with nuts, oats and berries on top of natural yoghurt.

Towpath Cafe Towpath Cafe… and an unusual option of ‘İmam bayıldı’. A kind of a stewed, curried aubergine dish served with flatbread.

Towpath CafeWe all like a good brunch spot in London and don’t pretend like we don’t.

Towpath is somewhere a bit different than our usual weekend haunts, and while it may not be one for the winter, the idea of being wrapped up next to the canal hugging a tea and eating some toast does sound pretty great.

You kind of forget that spots like this exist in London and we get stuck in the concrete walls of the city. One weekend you have free it’s defo worth making a trip of a morning or afternoon. Not huge portions, not over complicated, but quality choices that are changed up every week. Pretty affordable too with prices ranging between £4.50 – £7.50 a dish.

After you’re finished, walk it off with a stroll up the canal. That’s one day worth getting up early for.

Thanks to Ken, Chris, Michelle, Rahman, Natalie and Emma for coming to The London Food Social. Keep an eye here to find out about the next one.

Towpath CafeTowpath CafeTowpath Cafe

42 De Beauvoir Cres, London N1 5SB
Nearest Station: Haggerston


    • Not So Basic London
      1st October 2017 / 6:13 pm

      Its a great place Meg, especially if you can catch a sunny day. Hard in London i know haha. xx

  1. Rula
    24th January 2018 / 10:50 pm

    Love this! Used to live round the corner from here and it was my weekend pit stop along the canal!

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