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10 Tips for Staying Safe in London During Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Tips for Staying Safe in London During Coronavirus Pandemic

Keep reading to learn 10 Tips for Staying Safe in London During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

With the world slowly opening back up again and international travel resuming, it’s a pretty exciting prospect. Soon we will be able to live life to the fullest again whatever that means for you. Maybe you’ve missed meeting friends, eating out, travelling abroad  or going to concerts. While it is exhilarating it’s also a bit nerve wracking at the same time and we can’t forget about the past year and the steps we’ve had to take to get to where we are now.  Its really important to me that you feel as comfortable and safe here in London as you possibly can. Rest assured transport systems, restaurants and shops  have spent a lot of time implementing new guidelines and putting things in place so you can enjoy the city once again in a safe and responsible way.  Whether you live in London or are travelling to London from abroad or other parts of the UK, I’ve listed out 10 tips for staying safe in London during the Coronavirus pandemic.

10 Tips for Staying Safe in London During The Coronavirus Pandemic


1. Follow the UK Governments road map

The UK Government website should be your first point of reference for all Coronavirus rules and restrictions. It is here that they lay out all the do’s and don’ts you need to follow while in England. Any changes will also be published on the government website. You can find all that information here. Please follow these rules and regulations.


2. Wear a face covering

It is a legal requirement to wear a face covering in shops and on public transport here in the UK. Medical exemptions do apply. Please see here for more details on the face mask legislation.


3. Use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving public transport

TFL have supplied hand sanitiser at the entrance and exit of all tube stations in London. Please use this at the beginning and the end of each journey. If you don’t see any please ask a member of staff. 


4. Touch as little as possible on public transport

It seems very unnatural but try and touch things as little as possible when on public transport. Hand rails, used newspapers, bannisters etc.


5. Social distance where possible

Please try and keep a one seat distance on transport where necessary. If your bus, train or tube is busy and you can afford to wait for the next one, please do.



6. Choose walking or cycling

If you can, walking or cycling is a great option for transport in London because you are outdoors in the fresh air rather than a stuffy tube or bus.


7. Buy tickets online

Buying tickets online rather than with a person or at a ticket machine limits physical touch and therefore limits the spread of Coronavirus. It is also usually more efficient to do so, so please buy tickets online where ever possible.


8. Use the TFL Go App

The TFL Go App gives you live transport updates as well as giving you suggestions for quieter times to travel. 


9. Limit transport

Try to keep transport to a minimum. If you are travelling to London its worth planning your days by area rather than hopping from one side of the city to the other. My blog on how to plan your trip to London will help.


10. Choose quieter areas and off peak times

Instead of visiting the more famous London locations, if you can opt for more local, quieter and open spaces. Also choosing off peak travel times such as after 9:30am and after 7pm will ensure your journey doesn’t clash with the London commuter hours.



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