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Street Feast Hawker House

Street Feast Hawker House

I don’t know about you but for me, the word ‘market’ conjures up images of Sunday morning walks to buy some locally produced honey and artisan bread. Not where Street Feast are concerned. Street Feast are a buzzing (and sometimes boozy) night market in London filled with some of the best independent food traders. Think of them as the nightclub of food minus the thumping music and sticky dance floor. They have 5 locations over London each soaking up the vibe of the area it’s in and back in May, The London Food Social arranged a great night at the Hawker House venue for over 60 people to eat some good food, have a drink or two and get to meet some new faces.

Unlike the other Street Feast venues, Hawker House is larger, more spacious and has a great, central communal seating area so it never feels too busy or claustrophobic . As for the food, there’s a whole mix of cultures and cuisines you can sink your teeth into so while you’re eating your juicy fried chicken from Mother Clucker (best-fried chicken I’ve eaten by the way) your mate can be eating their Venezuelan filled cornbread from Petare on the same table. Then you can make your way over to Chin Chin Labs for dessert and then to whiskey roulette if that’s where your night is headed 😉

While South East London’s Canada Water might not be your usual weekend destination, it’s worth jumping on the tube just to visit Hawker House. I did say they are the ‘nightclub’ of food but the truth is get there earlier and the vibe is completely different so if you’re a family reading this don’t be put off! The market is completely indoors in the winter and transforms into the land of bamboo for those hotter months so there’s no excuse not to go all year around. It’s fun, lively and of course, THE most important part is it’s filled with some pretty awesome food and drink.

A big thank you to these lovely traders for helping make The London Food Social so great: INK, Petare, Born and Raised Pizza, Mother Clucker, Yum Bun and Up in My Grill. An even bigger thank you to Chin Chin Labs for letting me design a dessert based on a childhood chocolate bar especially for the event. The biggest thank you to everyone that came.

What a great night it was. 

If you want to find out more about how to get involved in the next one click here.

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