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Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review

‘What camera do you use?’ – A question I get asked a lot and one I’m proud to answer.

I bought my Sony RX100 at the start of my blogging journey almost 5 years ago and I still use it to this day. At the time, I was looking for something easy to use but at the same time not too basic, under £350 and something that shot great photographs. Sounds like an impossible task, right? My Google search criteria went something like ‘Best cameras under £350’.  I looked at a few entry-level DSLR cameras (Digital single-lens reflex – the ones that look really high tech) thinking that they would be much better because they looked so much more ‘professional’. However,  what you will be very surprised to hear is the more I did my research the more I realised  that if i bought a£350 DSLR I was getting the half the quality of the non DSLR I had my eye on – the Sony RX100.

The reason I wanted to give you this review is 1. I get asked this question a lot and 2. I feel like most of you out there want the same qualities as me in a camera. Whether you’re a blogger or a just someone who wants to take nice snaps when they are on holiday you want something not crazy expensive, not complicated, great quality and value for money.  Value for money for me was key and I had to know that spending £350 of my hard-earned cash was going to be worth it … and it was!


Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review


Why I love the Sony RX100

  • It’s small & compact.
  • It has the power of a DSLR without the price tag or bulk.
  • The settings are easy, even for a non-pro.
  • There are no extra lenses to buy.
  • It has so much value for money.


Is the Sony RX100 right for you?


  • If you want something small and compact.
  • If your budget is on the lower side for a good camera (camera’s can be hundreds or even thousands!)
  • If you take a lot of pictures in the natural light.
  • If you don’t want a complicated DSLR.
  • If you don’t want to buy extra lenses.


The Sony RX100 if not for you if…

  •  You take a lot of night shots – Saying that, the night setting are fine for an amateur but not for professional shots.
  • If you want to be able to change lenses and setting in a more complex way


Show me some examples of great shots you can take with it!


Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review



Wait, there are lots of models of the Sony RX100 which one should I get?

Let me be 100% transparent. My Sony RX100 is the most basic version of the camera. There are other models of the same camera ranging from £329 – £1200. Each of them has a different specification which you should research before you buy to make sure you are buying the right one for you! For me, the most basic version did everything I needed.


Where can I get mine?

I’m glad you asked! You can find the whole line of Sony RX100’s here. The retailer I’ve chosen to partner with is a very reputable British company. John Lewis includes a free 2-year guarantee on the SonyRX100 range which is why I think you should by with them for peace of mind. (Note: this link is an affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you)

I hope this has been helpful and good luck in your Sony RX100 journey!

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: A Review


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