Senor Ceviche

Senor Ceviche
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If you’ve eaten in London you’ve eaten the entire world. That’s what I always say.

With so many cuisines in the capital, Peruvian food may not be one you’ve considered before. Much like the person writing this.

With the likes of Lima Floral, Ceviche and Pachamama bringing it to the forefront of the food scene, it’s not one that you can get away from in London (in a good way obv) … and one to put with that list is today’s feast at Señor Ceviche.

Señor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, LondonBoring people you may need to sit this one out soz because what you can expect from this lively Peruvian hub is full on BBQ’d meats, vibrant ceviche and a menu of 10 different pisco cocktails.

All guaranteed to keep you merry for a few hours … (Maybe speaking from experience!)

They’ve taken all your bog standard staples, but them on a first class plane to Peru and brought them back to the capital with ten times more character and ten times more flavour! 

Señor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, LondonThe idea is a large menu of THE most interesting, varied and colourful plates you can hope for. Big, small, and all made for sharing. 

You’ll no doubt talk/argue/debate over which ones to go for but what’s for certain is you’re sure to find a load of winners and leave with a serious flavour headache (Again speaking from experience, defo not the alcohol).

So on that note, let’s grab a pisco and get on with it.

Señor Ceviche, LondonWe’re talking not your everyday fish dishes but things like stunning South American ceviche…

Seabass, tuna and the cobia with coconut cream & sweet potato crunchies. 

Señor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, LondonPlus some meaty Conchas El Mercado.

Grilled scallop with Pisco (yes, more alcohol) and bacon. A few shells might find their way into your bag too.


Señor Ceviche, LondonThere’s Peruvian BBQ dishes like Pachamanca pork ribs, flat iron steak and a MUST GET DISH of chifa chicharrones.

Slow cooked squares of pork belly with sweet soy sauce.

Señor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, LondonSeñor Ceviche, London… and If you’re visiting their Charlotte Street branch you can get your hand on their special of charcoal grilled lamb rump.

Served alongside its MASSIVE bone. (No laughing)

Señor Ceviche, LondonIf you were thinking at the beginning what is a Peruvian main? … Now you should be thinking what do they do with desserts?

FYI they only do two options, and FYI one of them is this…

Señor Ceviche, LondonPurple corn cake with lucuma ice cream and toffee popcorn… (like a traditional sticky toffee pud with a twist)

… and would’ve liked to have showed you the dulce de leche creme brûlée but it was SO GOOD that maybe someone forgot to take a picture and ate it all.

Señor Ceviche, LondonBoring food and drink is not really in Señor’s vocabulary and whatever friend/family/tinder date you’re bringing to here really needs to be one on the adventurous side.

 No cod and chips in sight soz.

In the same breath, it’s not so cray cray that you can step out of your comfort zone without taking a gigantic leap.  You don’t have to eat raw fish is what I’m saying.

They bring Peruvian food to London is an approachable but quality way. Not to mention it’s could actually be quite healthy if you think about it. If you want something a bit different, share some good food and drink some cracking things, Senors got you covered.

Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW
18 Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2LZ
Nearest Station: Goodge Street and Oxford Circus

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