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London’s Best Pizza | 17 Great Places To Try

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide


Pizza is just pizza, right? Wrong! I’m always amazed at how it can be so different in each place you go when all it really is is just three simple ingredients. On this list are 17 places that I’ve eaten pizza at in London and loved.  In no particular order, here are London’s best pizza places.


1.Pizza Union, Various Locations

There are not many places in London you can get a main course for under £4. You can at Pizza Union! They are a no-fuss, no-frills pizza joint that caters brilliantly for both a solo lunch or an evening with a big group of mates. It has a really casual and relaxed vibe where you order at the counter, share a communal table and you stay as little or as long as you want. You can’t leave without having a Nutella pizza for dessert.  My favourite pizza in London.

Good for: A quick bite. Casual dinner. Dining alone.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate GuideVarious Locations,



2. Yard Sale Pizza, Finsbury Park

From setting up in a back garden in East London, to opening their 5th location, Yard Sale have got pizza down to a T. They’re a friendly, local, neighbourhood haunt that’s made a name for themselves cooking up unpretentious, good value and above all tasty as f**k pizza! They regularly collaborate with some of London’s best restaurants to bring you really unique pizzas you won’t find elsewhere. Be sure to order the marmite and garlic pizza bread. It’s like Britain meets Italy in one delicious bite.

Good for: An easy, relaxed night with friends.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

54 Blackstock Rd, London N4 2DW



3. Franco Manca, Various Locations

Franco Manca was London’s first pizza place to bring trendy, cool and most importantly affordable pizza to the masses.  The menu is small which emulates their unfussy nature and efficient vibe of the restaurant.  I always think it feels like you’ve treated yourself to a nice restaurant without spending loads. Always a winner when you don’t know where to go but you want good food at an affordable price.

Good for: When you’re in need of a really nice,  really easy place to eat without breaking the bank.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate GuideVarious Locations,



4. Homeslice, Various Locations

Homeslice  Pizza is home to London’s biggest pizza at a whopping 20 inches. They first set up shop in the colourful corner of Neals Yard and have since extended to a few locations across London. You don’t come to Homeslice for a ‘normal’ slice of pizza as their toppings are pretty adventurous. These include things like beef and carrot, lamb and cabbage or cauliflower cheese with spinach. Homeslice is a must-visit pizza place when in London and a great one to take friends or family who want a real London foodie experience. Effortlessly cool.

Good for: People who like unusual toppings and think bigger is better!

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide13 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP



5. Made of Dough, Brixton

If you haven’t heard of Pop Brixton before they a buzzing hub of retailers, restaurants and food startups housed in a shipping container in South London. Made of Dough is one of them. This little pizza kiosk was created by two guys who have been friends since school and both brought up in Italian and Spanish families. Their pizza is Neapolitan style with its iconic ‘leopard print’ spots and interestingly enough they’ve also made a nod to their Spanish heritage by using great ingredients from Spain. Best eaten alfresco with no knife and fork hands and a few beers.

Good for: For those who like quirky places to eat. A good one if you’re going to Brixton Academy.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate GuidePop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ



6. Zzetta Pizza, Canning Town

There’s a reason why Zzetta pizzas tagline is soul fired pizzas and that’s because there’s a real heart in what they do. The ingredients #they use are sourced from the best possible (and mostly local) places and they really try hard at making one of the more unhealthy foods better for us with their 100% vegan base and no unnecessary animal fats or chemical products. The restaurant interior encompasses a market vibe with fresh herbs and produce lying around and on the ceiling hang quotes from local people of past memories from the area. They’ve categorised the menu into meat, fish or veggie ‘markets’ which I think is a nice touch. Obviously, you must end on a Nutella pizza.

Good for: Supporting the local community. Eating ‘healthier’ pizza with well-sourced ingredients.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate GuideZZETTA Rathbone Market, 110 Barking Rd, London E16 1EN



7. Gordon Ramsey Street Pizza, St Paul’s

Infamous chef of shouting and swearwords Gordon Ramsey has brought bottomless, unlimited, all you can eat pizza to London and boy it’s good. In Ramsey’s uber-cool restaurant, the waiters walk around with a whole pizza propped on their shoulder and all you have to do is ask and the slices keep coming served directly to your table. The pizza is light with a thin base and 3 different flavours rotate around the restaurant. Add cocktails and a slab of tiramisu and you’ve got yourself one great dinner destination.

Good for: For those who can’t get enough pizza!

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate GuideGordon Ramsey x 10 Bread St, London EC4M 9AJ



8. Quartieri, Kilburn

Kilburn doesn’t have the best reputation as an area but this pizza place is a diamond in the rough. Quartieri is a little bit trendy with its exposed brick walls and unconventional menu. Expect things like pistachio pesto, black truffle, and even a lasagne pizza to name a few. A great destination for pizza if you’re ever in North West London. 

Good for:  A real taste of Italy in North London.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

300 Kilburn High Rd, London NW6 2DB



9. Zia Lucia, Holloway & Hammersmith

Zia Lucia is an independent pizzeria with a bustling dining room you could liken to sitting amongst a large Italian family.  What sets them out from the crowd is that they offer four different types of dough including an earthy wholemeal and dramatic charcoal that’s completely black and definitely the most show-stopping. The pizzas are a really generous size and the menu is extensive, catering well for vegans and gluten-free. Really indulgent and will have you leaving happy and full! Zia Lucia features in my Holloway Area Guide

Good for: Those who want to change it up!

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide157 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX



10. BungaTINI, Covent Garden

Six years after the opening of the legendary South London venue, Bunga Bunga has now set up in the heart of Covent Garden. On the ground floor sits family pizzeria BungaTINI and through a hidden door lies a secret world of live entertainment, burlesque, and circus extravaganza complete with more pizza, Italian sharing dishes, and a large drinks menu. If you want a bit of party with your pizza this is one for you.

Good for: Those who like a bit of party with your pizza!

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide167 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5PG



11. 1n1 Fashion ‘n’ Pizza, Aldgate

1n1 Fashion n Pizza is the brainchild of Andrea and Martina, an Italian couple with two great passions in life – Andrea’s, Pizza. Martina’s, fashion. In 2017 they combined their two loves and opened up their concept store serving pizza and selling fashion. Andreas loves pizza so much he even takes his yeast on holiday to make sure he’s nurturing it properly every day. Each pizza is handcrafted in their tiny kitchen and can be enjoyed amongst a selection of quirky fashion and accessories. A unique pizza experience.

Good for: People who love good food & great fashion.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide56 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ



12. Theo’s, Camberwell & Elephant and Castle

Theo’s in Camberwell is a proper local neighbourhood pizzeria serving delicious wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza. It’s beautifully decorated with its whitewash walls, marble tables, and open kitchen. Feels more like you’re in Italy or Spain than in South East London. The menu changes weekly and it’s obvious the ingredients they use are high quality. They’ve been added to many ‘top pizzas in London’ lists across the years and there’s a good reason why! Theo’s is somewhere you can hang out with the kids in the daytime or have a date night in the evening.

Good for: People who like somewhere local.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide2 Grove Ln, Camberwell, London SE5 8SY



13. Purezza, Camden

Purezza seem to have cracked the vegan pizza market. Their pizzas are as close to a ‘real’ pizza as you can get and I’d go as far as saying that they are better than some ’real’ ones I’ve had too. They use coconut, cashew & brown rice to replicate the cheese which imitates the real stuff surprisingly well, although, I would point out it’s a bit ‘silkier’ than you might be used to. Add a fantastic crust, some creative vegan toppings and boom you’ve got one great vegan pizza even the fussiest of pizza lovers will love.

Good for: Vegans or people who want to experience something different

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

43 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PN



14. Crust Bros

Crust Bros is pizza for the fussiest of eaters. The menu is essentially a huge ‘build your own’ list that comes with a pencil and you tick whatever you fancy. No combination is frowned upon and pizza snobbery (yes, it’s a thing) is not welcome here. It’s a simple no-fuss, no-frills place when you want something easy and affordable – Especially if you go for their £5 daily special. They’re just a 5-minute walk from the craziness of the Southbank which gets uber busy. Put it on your list if you’re around that area or going to the theatre nearby.

Good for: Fussy pizza eaters and those who like to be creative.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide113 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8UL



15. Baz & Fred, London Bridge

Baz & Fred have set up shop in Flat Iron Square, one of London’s liveliest markets filled with food, drinks and music. Their pizzas are cooked to perfection, smothered in Italian tomato sauce and topped with Italian sourced produce. There is no formal seating in Flat Iron Square, nor china plates or metal cutlery. Think of it as more of a casual and fun place to get some delicious Baz & Fred pizza.

Good for: If you like a great atmosphere with your pizza.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

68 Union St, London SE1 1TD,



16. Roma Pizza, Brick Lane

Roma has answered all of our cheap eat prayers!  Brought to you by the guys of Made of Dough, this little pizzeria sits at the end of the lively Brick Lane and every pizza is just £5. Yes, EVERY pizza for just a fiver!! Inside is pretty basic but still nice. You order you pay at the counter, collect when ready and tidy up after yourself which keeps it very casual. For £5 you can’t go wrong.

Good for: A cheap and tasty lunch or dinner.

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

224 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA



17. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo

50 Kalò features on many a ‘best pizzas in London’ list and there is no question why. They are a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and serve up authentic Neopolitan style pizza. They first opened in Naples in 2o14 and a few years later brought their famous pizza to the UK. We can’t thank you enough 50 Kalo!

Good for: Authentic Neopolitan pizza in Central London

London's Best Pizza Places | The Ultimate Guide

Photo Credit: 50 Kalo – 7 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London WC2N 5BY,



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  1. 20th November 2018 / 5:02 pm

    Oh my gosh, I love pizza! This is one of the best food guides to London I’ve seen. There’s loads of places here that I haven’t checked out before so I’ll definitely be taking notes. I’m sure all the hungry students of London will be thanking you for this pizza guide too – good job.

    • Not So Basic London
      8th December 2018 / 1:15 pm

      Hey Sophie,

      Ah thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you like it! x

  2. 5th December 2018 / 12:16 pm

    I’m annoyed at myself that I’ve not tried anywhere near enough of these!

    • Not So Basic London
      8th December 2018 / 1:15 pm

      2019 mission 🙂 x

  3. Stephan
    1st January 2019 / 11:38 pm

    send me your newsletter

  4. 10th April 2019 / 9:54 am

    What I love about this is that the choice of pizza is mainly Italian style (which I love more). I might have to follow up and do one on spicy pizza places because of your motivating post.

    Franco Manca seems really good and I’ve always wanted to go there so I might have to. As well as that, I’m adding Made of Dough, 1N1 Fashion n Pizza, Theos and Quartieri. Especially Pizza Union with that price. A pizza like that for under £5 is so rare these days, I can’t wait to try!!

  5. Evan
    20th February 2020 / 6:19 pm

    Have you ever had Detroit style pizza? If you ever make it to DC I’ll take you to a place that serves it. Thanks for this great post Charlotte, hope to get to London soon. Evan

  6. 31st May 2020 / 3:18 pm

    Thanks for this! Pizza Union, Made of Dough and Roma Pizza are now on my list especially the first one as I’ve heard great things about it’s quality and the price. It’s nice to get to know more pizza places in London.

    I myself did one on places in South West London where you can takeaway from that give you the option to create your own spicy pizza to your own liking. Hope you’ll be able to read and comment on my post below which tells you more:

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