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London Parks With Good Cafe’s Nearby

London Parks With Good Cafe’s Nearby


Now more than ever we are learning to appreciate the smaller things in life. Baking at home with loved ones, phone calls with friends and quiet walks in the park to name a few. One thing I LOVE to do is grab a coffee and something sweet and wander around some of the lovely London parks the city has to offer. Whether it’s by myself or with friends, sometimes its nice to get away from the busy streets and take in some nature every now and again.

Below I’ve listed out 27 London parks and green spaces together with a nearby coffee shop to grab a takeaway for your walk. I hope it’s helpful and I hope it brings you a bit of peace with the madness going on right now!


Here are  27 London Parks with Good Cafe’s Nearby!

I’ve put all the parks and all the cafes on a map for you below to make it super easy to choose your next walk.

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