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Going out for an Indian doesn’t always mean the experience that we’re used to.

While there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with the local restaurant serving up a favorite of chicken tikka masala, rice, and garlic naan bread (oh yes how we love that combo!!) or grabbing a takeaway on the way home after a few drinks out; Indian cuisine has SO much more to it, and London has it down to a T.

Dishoom has shown the capital the Bombay breakfast scene, Sagar specialises in vegetarian only, and Masala Zone does a more casual thali for quick, convenient dining. Now Lokhandwala is one to add to the list.

Lokhandwala do Indian style tapas of small, sharing plates of your usual favourites, all done with a modern, innovative twist. More on notsobasiclondon.com Lokhandwala-2Lokhandwala-4Lokhandwala isn’t your average Indian.

In a nutshell, they do Indian style tapas of small, sharing plates of your usual favourites, all done with a modern, innovative twist. It’s the type of place you could go with a bunch of mates or close family who aren’t afraid to share around, get stuck in and try something a bit different.

This pretty swanky place is open daily for lunch, dinner, as well as a very alternative weekend bottomless brunch.

Come and see…

Lokhandwala-21If you’re going for the brunch, first things first are drinks.

You can choose from a ‘Star of India’ cocktail or glass prosecco. Swapping through the meal if you want to, and completely refillable for 2 hours!

Lokhandwala-9Then onto a proper feast of an afternoon starting with smaller plates like…

Baked purple potatoes, sweet potatoes. fried sago and poppadum. Served with dips of pineapple & chilli, beetroot yoghurt and avocado garam masala*. 

*The bits at the beginning of the meal you say ‘I’ll just have a few’ then 15 minutes later you’ve cleared the bowl and end up filling yourself up. (We’ve all been there!)

Lokhandwala-5 Lokhandwala-6Lokhandwala-8Gujju Vaal Daal Chaat and a Wild Tawa Mushroom. 

A mix of broad beans, lentils and black beans. As well as mushrooms cooked on an open thick griddle plate, served with mini sesame buttered bread.

Lokhandwala-11Lokhandwala-15Pickle poached egg on tempura vegetables and tandoori king prawn with mango and tamarind sauce.

Lokhandwala-23 Lokhandwala-20Lokhandwala-13Then larger plates of…

Masaledar Fish & Chips. Indian home masala marinated sea bass, batter fried with salli wafers and pea puree (or posh mushy peas).

Lokhandwala-12Indian Sunday poussin roast and a chicken biryani. 

Lokhandwala-16 Lokhandwala-18… and If that ain’t enough for you desserts are Gajar halwa’ tarts with cardamom scented crème anglaise…

Gajar halwa being an interesting combo of carrots, milk, water, ghee and sugar

Lokhandwala-25… and a Baked ‘Kheer’ Brulee. A cross between a creamy rice pudding and caramelised creme brulee.

Lokhandwala-26I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. This isn’t your average Indian restaurant, and yes, it’s meant in a good way.

Keep the cocktails coming and the dishes stacking up. It’s a little bit special, kinda fancy and if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different this is a good one to try. If brunch isn’t your thing the menu ranges from a full lunch to a la carte, offering up some of the ones you’ve seen above plus loads others (Indian Yorkshire pudding, anyone?)

With no end of choices for food on the famous Charlotte Street, this might not have been the obvious choice … that’s not until now!

Address: 93 Charlotte St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 4PY
Website: http://www.lokhandwala.com
Nearest Station: Goodge Street
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 11:30pm

Not So Basic London

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