Interesting Articles I’m Reading This Month

Interesting Articles I’m Reading This Month
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A collection of articles about London, life & the world around us!


When I’m not writing on here, I love reading about the world around me. Every week I read loads of online articles from food, culture, life¬†to self-development. I don’t JUST eat ya know ūüėČ

Here are a collection of interesting articles that I’ve enjoyed over the last month and I thought I’d share some of the best ones with you.

Why Instagram Influencers suck! Find out… –¬†Click here

Can you really trust online restaurant reviews? –¬†Click here

Something I struggle with: Reasons why you should stop being so hard on yourself!!! –¬†Click here

Because pasta is life! A rundown of some of London‚Äôs best pasta places –¬†Click here

Is this Londons’ Best Cookie?¬†Click Here

How Mercury retrograde could be affecting you and you don’t even know it!¬†Click Here

I’ve eaten it and it’s unbelievable!! London’s mouldiest cheese!¬†Click Here

How ‘the bank of mum and dad’ is dividing our friendships –¬†Click Here.

Love Chinese? A full rundown of London’s best places! Click Here

Humble places in the UK that have earned a Michelin star Click Here

 Give me all of this London themed clothing and homeware Click Here

P.S Some of them are through a great website called ‘Medium’ which may require you to sign up but I highly recommend you do for some great reading.

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