Interesting Articles I’m Reading This Month

Interesting Articles I’m Reading This Month
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A collection of articles about London, life & the world around us!


When I’m not writing on here, I love reading about the world around me. Every week I read loads of online articles from food, culture, life to self-development. I don’t JUST eat ya know 😉

Here are a collection of interesting articles that I’ve enjoyed over the last month and I thought I’d share some of the best ones with you.

Why Instagram Influencers suck! Find out… – Click here

Can you really trust online restaurant reviews? – Click here

Something I struggle with: Reasons why you should stop being so hard on yourself!!! – Click here

Because pasta is life! A rundown of some of London’s best pasta places – Click here

Is this Londons’ Best Cookie? Click Here

How Mercury retrograde could be affecting you and you don’t even know it! Click Here

I’ve eaten it and it’s unbelievable!! London’s mouldiest cheese! Click Here

How ‘the bank of mum and dad’ is dividing our friendships – Click Here.

Love Chinese? A full rundown of London’s best places! Click Here

Humble places in the UK that have earned a Michelin star Click Here

 Give me all of this London themed clothing and homeware Click Here

P.S Some of them are through a great website called ‘Medium’ which may require you to sign up but I highly recommend you do for some great reading.

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