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How to Live (Well) in London on Budget

How To Live (Well) in London on a Budget

Keep reading to discover How to Live (Well) in London on Budget.

London is notoriously one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world. However, it is also one of the most exciting, most fun, most energetic cities in the world to so no wonder that 8,173,941 people want to live here! Over my years of living in London, I have learnt some great tips to live in this amazing city on a budget. No, this isn’t going to be a list where I suggest you live on ham sandwiches forever because let’s face it, that’s not fun. This is a list of how to live on a budget and how to do it WELL.  There are loads of great suggestions for all areas of London life from things to do and staying fit, eating and transport. I hope you find it helpful.


1. Take advantage of all the free things to do

The best thing about London is there are so many GREAT things to do for FREE. Lucky for you, I have put together a huge list of 100 free things (Yes, 100!) to do in London. This is my favourite tip on my list of How to Live (Well) in London on Budget.

100 Totally Free Things To Do in London


2. Queue for theatre ‘day seats’ or enter the ticket lottery

There is a fantastic scheme in the London theatre world called ‘Day Seats’. A lot of shows offer 6-12 seats at a highly discounted rate to the full ticket price. To get them, customers can queue up at their chosen theatre by 10 am on the day they want to see the show. Then they purchase them in person at the box office. Not all theatres do ‘day seats’ but you can find the list of theatres and shows that do them right here. My tip is to queue early! Some shows have a queue from as early as 5 am whereas others hardly have a queue. Personally, I would go in and ask the box office the day before what time they suggest getting there or judge it by how popular you think your chosen show is by looking at reviews, social media etc.



3. Find sneaky ways around things

This is one of my favourite tips to share –  Rather than pay for The View from the Shard experience, instead, visit Aqua Shard . It’s the bar a few floors down from the official viewing gallery. The bar is free to visit and you can see the view and buy a drink for the same price (if not cheaper) then The View From The Shard experience. Another tip? If you fancy breakfast at the very fancy Duck & Waffle, why not just go for a pastry and coffee for around £12 rather than ordering a bigger and more expensive item off the menu? You still get the experience … just a bit more …frugally! If you do your research you will find lots of sneaky tips like this.

How To Live (Well) in London on a Budget


4. Quit ’boutique’ gyms

If there is one thing that always shocks me in London is how expensive gyms and gym classes are. I looked into a few ‘boutique gyms’ in the last month and they are no short of £100+ a month or around £15 – £25 for one class! INSANE. If you want to stay healthy in body, mind and pocket, sign up for a budget gym like PureGym or The Gym Group . These are called budget gyms because they have none of the fancy shampoos in the shower or fresh smoothies to buy in the gym kitchen but if none of that bothers you these will be perfect for you. Just as an FYI, even though these gyms are cheaper than boutique gyms, the closer you get to central London the more expensive they get so get one nearer to your home if you live further out of the city.



5. Be an audience member or a seat filler & see lots of shows for free!

Audience member – When you watch a live tv show there is usually an audience clapping along, isn’t there? Well, you can apply to be part of that audience totally free. How? By signing up to schemes like SRO audiences or ITV or BBC audiences. Check out their websites for a list of chat shows, games shows and lifestyle shows you can watch – totally free!

Seat filler – You can get your hands on very cheap (and sometimes free) theatre tickets by becoming a seat filler with schemes like Audience Club or Central Tickets. These schemes run when shows have available seats which need filling at short notice.



6. Be a hair model

To get a cheap trim, blow-dry or even a totally new look, salons across London offer discounted haircuts if you are willing to have it done by a student or someone in training. Call your local salon,  local college or a hair academy like RUSH  and ask them if they do something like this and sign up!



7. Make sure you are using the right transport ticket

If you travel a lot around London you might be paying more for it than you should. Paying for single journeys via the ticket machine can cost around £4.90 a time but there are some other options that can potentially save you money!

Pay as you Go Oyster Card: An Oyster Card is an electronic card that allows effortless travel around London. You ‘tap’ this card at the start on the yellow card readers at the gates at the beginning and end of your journey. You ‘top-up’ this card with credit. An Oyster Card costs £5 in the first instance and then you have it for life. A single journey costs just £2.90 instead of £4.90.

Travel Card: A travelcard is a ticket that you can buy for a longer length amount of travel and it can work out cheaper than a pay as you go Oyster card if you travel a lot. You can but them for 7 Days, monthly, 3 months or 6 months.

Contactless Card: Did you know you can use your debit card just like an Oyster Card? You just tap it on the yellow reader and the money is debited off your card and will appear on your statement. If you use your contactless card instead of your debit card you forgo the £5 fee for buying an Oyster Card. Note: Most cards are contactless now but double-check yours has the contactless sign on it before you use it. If you are from overseas this may not be available to you yet.

I have a really detailed post all about how best to travel around London here.



8. Add a railcard to your travelcard

If you’re a student, a family, an OAP or a 25-30-year-old you can buy a railcard that you can attach to your Oyster card/Travelcard that will give you approx. a 1/3 off your fare. My top tip for 30-year-olds is to buy one just before your 31st birthday and you’ve got an extra years’ worth of discounted travel! Find out more about railcards here.



9. Flatsharing or Guardian Housing

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world for buying or renting a house. Your average flat here costs around £400,000 to buy and the average rent on a one bed flat is about £1400 a month.  That’s where flat-sharing comes in. Flatsharing or house-sharing is where you share a flat with different people and split the cost between you.  Most people use a website like SpareRoom which I can highly recommend as I’ve used it myself many times! I’ve written an incredibly detailed post here covering everything you need to know about flat-sharing.

Alternatively, there are schemes such as Property Guardians. Property Guardians are a scheme that offers cheap rent of rooms or houses in return for you acting as the guardian property. As a guardian, your primary responsibility will be to provide protection and maintain the property, reporting any issues you encounter during your stay there. Occupancy can be for as little as one month up to a couple of years. The main thing with being a property guardian is you need to be flexible. There is a lot more information on being a property guardian here.

How To Live (Well) in London on a Budget


10. Use TopCashback

Top Cashback seems too good to be true – but it’s not. It’s really simple. Every time you purchase something from one of their 4,000 major retailers, the retailer pays them a commission for referring you to their website. TopCashback then passes 100% of this commission back to you as ‘cashback’. It’s especially great for bigger purchases like electricals, holidays etc. You can make hundreds a pounds a year from just shopping as you usually would.



11. Bank with Monzo

I’m one of those people that at the start of the month I have every intention of keeping a budget tracker to help me spend more wisely in the month. Five days in, I’ve failed. Monzo has literally been a game-changer in my financial situation. You can set budgets on different areas of your life like groceries, entertainment and, eating out. When you buy something Monzo knows what pot it falls into and automatically deducts it from that particular pot. It’s very clever. It also has this great feature called ’round-up’ where it rounds up all your transactions to the nearest pound and saves the pennies. I’ve saved £135 in the last 5 months without even trying. That’s enough for a pair of Dr Martin boots I’ve had my eye on!



12. Bring your own coffee mug

Most coffee shops in London will offer 20p or so off your coffee if you bring your own mug. I know that doesn’t sound much but every little helps.



13. Make your own work lunches

Lunch is like a magic trick in London. Buy it and your money miraculously disappears. Funny that, isn’t it? Lunch in London can set you back around £5 – £8 a time and if you add that up, that’s around £30 a week, £120 a month and £1,440 a year! That’s a holiday to the Caribbean you could have saved for. Try and do a bulk lunch shop where you buy a loaf of bread, some fruit and snacks which means you can get a whole week worth for £10!



14. Batch cook

To save money on your weekly shop batch cooking is your friend. Making things like big pots of chilli, stir fry’s or soups is a great way to get multiple dinners from one recipe.  I’d also recommend making big batches and freezing them. That way you can take a different one out of the freezer every day and you’ve got a hearty meal waiting for you when you get home. You save both time and money.

How To Live (Well) in London on a Budget


15. Take advantage of early bird or pre-theatre menus

Eating out can get expensive but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few great tricks you can use to dine out a bit cheaper.

  • Early-bird menus – Many restaurants in London offer a cheaper version of their menu if you can get there a bit earlier/later. When I say earlier, that’s usually anytime between 5 – 6:30 pm or 9 pm – 10.30 pm.
  • Pre-theatre menus – This is where a restaurant offers a set menu (usually 2 or 3 courses) for a cheaper price than if you bought from their regular menu. Remember, you don’t have to be going to the theatre to buy from the pre-theatre menu.
  • Offer websites – Always have a look at websites like TimeOut, OpenTable and Bookatable. These websites usually have offers and set menus at a reduced price which are exclusive to them when you book through their website.
  • First TableFirst Table seems too good to be true, but it’s not! The idea is you book the ‘first table’ of the night and you get 50% off your food bill. It costs £5 for the privilege of signing up, but what’s a fiver when you could potentially save a lot of money.


16. Happy hour is your friend

One thing people notice when they come to London is that alcohol is expensive – especially compared to more rural parts of the UK. That’s why happy hour is your friend. Many places do 241 on drinks or £5 cocktails at selected times. Also, what a lot of people don’t know is London cocktail bar Be At One allows you to download an app that extends the happy hour by one hour. Result!


17. Shop in Aldi or Lidl

Some supermarkets are more expensive than others in London. Two of the more affordable stores are Aldi and Lidl which are both German brands. They basically do copies of big brands at a much cheaper price. For example, your ‘Nutella’ may become ‘nuttaspread’ or your ‘rice krispies’ become ‘krispypops’ – you get the idea. You’d never tell the difference in taste, just in price!


I hope you enjoyed my blog on How to Live (Well) in London on Budget.


How To Eat (Well) in London on a Budget

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