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Duck & Waffle Local

Brunch at Duck and Waffle Local

Duck and Waffle is known as one of the most iconic restaurants in London.

Sat high up on the 40th floor of a city skyscraper, It has a menu made up of duck focused dishes, is open 24 hours a day and offers AMAZING views across the city.

Over the last 6 years they’ve made such a name for themselves that reservations need to be made around 2 months advance, and if you fancy going at 3 am on Thursday, yes, that still applies!

No, it’s not really your average kinda place to pop in for a cuppa tea but DEFINITELY one for the let’s treat ourselves list. That being said if you read this you’ll find out it’s a bit more accessible than it may sound.

Duck and Waffle Local

Well, what if I said to you there’s a very similar restaurant in London that has the same great food and atmosphere but is a bit more approachable for us everyday folk on an normal day? You won’t have to book months in advance to get a table or think of a special excuse to visit. The only real difference being the view.

Well, now there is … Duck and Waffle Local.

Duck and Waffle Local Duck and Waffle Local Duck and Waffle Local

Aptly named as the ‘local’ version, this gorgeous restaurant sits smack bang in the middle of central London and is the more relaxed interpretation of its swanky bigger sister.

Casual, affordable and convenient fine dining are a few words you could use to describe it and while that could sound like a complete contradiction of itself rest assured it’s not. Think of it as a person who wears a blazer with trainers. That perfect balance between formal and relaxed. 

Duck and Waffle Local Menu

The menu, like the original, still has its unique selection of what could be considered as some ‘fancy’ duck heavy classics but by adding some casual favorites with a twist (Duck burger and chips, anyone?) and sticking cocktails on tap (pass me a straw!) the whole place doesn’t make us feel too far out of our comfort zone. Not to mention dishes start from just £4. 

It’s open for those early risers, pre theatre goers, and late night feasters; and in terms of breakfast and brunch you’ve probably never seen one quite like theirs before…

Brunch at Duck and Waffle Local

Eggs, waffles and doughnuts, yes, you’ll find them here, but what they have very cleverly done is taken your pretty standard breakfast items and re-worked them to bring you a menu unlike any other in town.

A duck ‘jam doughnut’. ONLY available at the Piccadilly restaurant. 

Duck Doughnut at Duck and Waffle Local

A deep fried ball of dough filled with succulent shredded duck, rolled in a sweet, spicy sugar mix and served on top of an orange glaze.

Duck Doughnut at Duck and Waffle Local

Easily one of the best dishes I’ve had in London. Thank YOU, Dan Doherty.

There’s their signature duck and waffle combo.

Duck and Waffle Dish at Duck and Waffle Local

A sweet waffle topped with a juicy duck leg, runny duck egg and drowned in maple syrup.

Duck and Waffle Dish at Duck and Waffle LocalDuck and Waffle Dish at Duck and Waffle Local

Then there’s option like the braised duck beni and duck fat fries. See the theme here?

If you’re a non-meat eater there are also plenty of options for you too so please don’t be put off by the meaty name. 

Columbian scramble or the ‘Full Elvis’….

Creamy eggs mixed with spring onion and chili…

Columbian Eggs at Duck and Waffle Local

…or a peanut butter and jam smothered waffle with caramelised banana and chantilly cream. They like their waffles here.

Full Elvis Waffle at Duck and Waffle LocalFull Elvis Waffle at Duck and Waffle Local

Duck and Waffle one of those places that could easily be style over substance but rest assured it really isn’t. That’s to be said for both of the D&W restaurants.

They’ve made what is known as a bit of a fancy name and turned it into somewhere very approachable. Where we can all stroll in of a weekend morning or quickly before the theatre. Technically you can get scrambled eggs and a cuppa for under a tenner or that duck doughnut is only £7 which believe me is an entire main course! You’d be hard-pressed to find that value in London anywhere, especially somewhere THIS GOOD!

The local version is the same great concept and same great food as the original but less of the … theatre.  Theatre that we do all need in our lives sometimes too so don’t forget about its first location either.

Maybe it’s a bit adventurous of some of us but speaking as someone who wondered why the hell you would ever put a duck with a waffle, trust me.

Pay them a visit you won’t regret it.

Address: 52 Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4RP
Website: https://duckandwafflelocal.com
Nearest Station: Piccadilly Circus

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