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Breakfast at Dishoom, London

Dishoom is one restaurant in London you will hardly ever see without a queue.

They serve top Indian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and their Bombay style cafes are a far cry from your typical Indian restaurant we know of in the UK (of which we still love of course). It’s one of the most talked about places in London and their breakfast spreads are just one of the reasons. 

Dishoom, LondonBreakfast at Dishoom, London

Breakfast at Dishoom, London 

This Indian gem has 4 locations over London and each of them has a different vibe.  Think Bombay meets London, then hit it over the head with a big, fat trendy stick. This uber cool looking branch being Kings Cross with it’s beautiful converted warehouse look.

Of a morning, you’ll see anyone from large groups of friends having a long, lazy brunch, to someone grabbing a quiet moment with the papers, a chai latte, and a bacon sarnie. 

Whatever the occasion, there will surely be something to get you going in the morning.

Check this lot out.

Breakfast at Dishoom, LondonBreakfast at Dishoom, LondonBreakfast at Dishoom, London

The Big Bombay is an Indian twist on the classic full English brekkie. Think spicy scrambled eggs, masala beans, and buttered pau buns.

Breakfast at Dishoom, London

Kejriwal is two buttery fried eggs on chili cheese toast. Adding a side of bacon too is highly recommended. 

Breakfast at Dishoom, London Breakfast at Dishoom, London

… and probably their most talked about dish on the breakfast menu, the bacon and egg naan bread sandwich.

Bacon Naan Bread - Dishoom, London

A freshly made naan rolled up with cured sweet bacon, a runny egg and chili jam.

All best served with their signature bottomless spicy chai tea. Keep asking and they keep coming. An insider tip they don’t tell you on the menu.

Bacon Naan Bread - Dishoom, London

As well as that lot they do bottomless porridge (Again, just ask and it’ll keep coming) spicy omelets and exotic fruit and yogurt. The toast has even been ‘Indianfied’ where it’s grilled and served with homemade pineapple jam or marmalade.

Dishoom has to be one to put on the list if it isn’t on there already, and if you look at the prices it’s actually really good value for such a place (£5.50 for a bacon naan!) They take bookings for breakfast but not for dinner, and if breakfast isn’t your thing check out their evening menu too.

Two words, cheese naan.

The visit to Dishoom was part of the monthly grub club. An opportunity for people who love food to meet up and enjoy a meal together. More info here if you’re interested in joining the next one and a big thank you to Dan, Hannah, Kam, Chris, Nicola, Louise and Imogen for coming.

Address: 5 Stable St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AB
Telephone: 020 7420 9321
Website: www.dishoom.com (Details of other locations here)
Nearest Station: Kings Cross


  1. 8th May 2017 / 12:57 pm

    Those bacon naans are so unbelievably tasty! I’ve got a big craving for them now. Yum!

  2. 9th May 2017 / 8:33 am

    Ahhh… bringing back memories of THAT naan and endless chai! Great meet up, hope to join you for the next!! xx

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