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Crepes A La Carte

Crepes A La Carte, Kentish Town .

Crepes A La Carte was created back in 2012 by friends Ava and Thomas who wanted to bring their traditional and authentic French galettes and crepes to the people of London from their hometown of Brittany, France. Having originally opened as a stall in Camden Market, since then their empire has grown into a full sit down restaurant not far from the market itself and was the location for the first London Food Social of January 2018 – A monthly meet up for people who love food and want to share a meal with others that do too.

You might be thinking how interesting can crepes be that you can dedicate a place to them? Turns out, very! The ethos at Crepes A La Carte is fresh, handmade and above all good for you, and they do just that. The menu is brimming with inventive creations that are packed into their buckwheat galettes which if you didn’t know are completely gluten-free and easily made vegetarian and vegan. Sauteed mushrooms with tahini dressing, buckwheat rolls with fresh salmon and seaweed butter and always a weekly special which was kimchi and avocado on this occasion to name a few. Not forgetting a classic ham and cheese we all know and love.

Their healthy attitude goes right into their desserts (excluding the Nutella in all its non-healthy goodness) and for anyone who’s trying to be good they make their own raw alternatives like cacao and pistachio crepes, raw banofee pie, and raw ‘snickers’ bars; all refined sugar free. How good is that.

So from the outside what could look like your standard creperie houses a real story inside. A range of imaginative creations all made with real passion, to authentic recipes and things that are actually good for you. So next time you think pancakes, galettes, crepes, what ever you want to call them, are bog standard and loaded with cheese think again. Remember, crepes and galettes are for life, not just for pancakes day!! 🙂

A big thank you to Michelle, Daryl, Tiffany, Chris, Anushka, Rahman and Imogen for coming and making is a great start to the year. If you want to read more about the London Food Social and get involved in the next one I’d love to see you there and you can get more info here. 🙂

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