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How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour of London

How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour of London


There are soooo many different sightseeing bus tours to do in London. You’ll see them all around the city. They have an open-topped deck and cost a pretty penny to hop on board and see the sights of London. Usually, they will set you back around £30 per person.

What if I told you you could do lots of different bus tours of London for just £1.50 a journey or £4.50 of unlimited journeys for the whole day? 

One tip I like to give tourists when they come to London is that they should take advantage of the great transport system here, especially the iconic red London buses.

Instead of hopping on a sightseeing bus tour, you can design your own day out for a very small price by using the standard London transport system! There are so many different bus routes in London and a lot of them take you past the iconic sights you’ll want to see while you’re here.

To make it easy for you, I wanted to share Transport for London’s key bus route map they have created. It tells you lots of the different bus routes in Central London and what famous or notable places/things you’ll see on your journey.

Below is an example of the map but you can download your own version to keep from the TFL website right here.or click on the picture below.


Key Bus Route Map

How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour of London


Another big tip I regularly give to tourists is that I wouldn’t be without the Citymapper App. Getting around London is a bit daunting for most people. Even I get confused sometimes and I’ve lived here 10 years. One of. You MUST download it. It is SO easy to use, really detailed and very comprehensive. It even will give you alternate routes if there are problems and delays. Citymapper will be a great help to you to find these bus routes.


How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour of London


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