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London Walking Tour: Notting Hill

  Notting Hill is one of London’s most affluent areas.  There are many things the area is famous for including the Notting Hill Carnival, the iconic colourful houses and the famous Portobello Road.  It’s also…

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London’s Best Cinnamon Buns | 15 You Must Try

London’s Best Cinnamon Buns | 15 You Must …

  Cinnamon buns (or Kanelbullar) are the sugary Scandinavian treat traditionally served at Fika. Fika is a part of Swedish culture that translates into ‘taking a break’ that is an integral part of daily life.…

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How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour of London

How To Get A Cheap Bus Tour …

  There are soooo many different sightseeing bus tours to do in London. You’ll see them all around the city. They have an open-topped deck and cost a pretty penny to hop on board and…

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London Walking Tour: Hampstead

London Walking Tour: Hampstead

  Hampstead is one of London’s prettiest villages. It has beautiful houses to admire, cobbled streets to walk along and many cute cafes and shops to enjoy. I’ve spent many an afternoon strolling around the…

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Chinatown London Welcomes You Back! #LoveChinatown (Sponsored)

Chinatown London Welcomes You Back! #LoveChinatown (Sponsored)

Slowly but surely London is starting to open. The heart of the city is starting to pump again and I couldn't be happier about it. Chinatown has always been at the heart of London. It's… View Post