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Can I Travel To London Yet? | Coronavirus

Can I Travel To London Yet? | Coronavirus


I’ve gotten a lot of emails and messages recently from international readers asking me can they visit London while the world is in the process of opening up after after COVID-19. I’ve put a short list below of some of the most common questions I have received which I hope will clear things up for you.

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Can I travel from another part of the UK to London?

Yes, you can. Travel across the UK is allowed however there are a small handful of places in the UK where the variant of the virus has been identified and travel to and from these areas should be limited. Even though travel is allowed, there are still guidelines you need to follow with regards to numbers of people meeting in groups, events and places of worship. Click here for more information on this and much more.


Can I travel from abroad to London?

Travelling to the UK has been categorised into different groups of countries – red, amber and green. Depending on which country you are travelling from depends on what guidelines you need to follow with regards to testing and quarantine. You can find a list of the red, amber and green countries here along with rules that apply to you. 


Have you got any tips for staying safe in London during this time?

Yes I have. Please check out my blog on 10 tips for staying safe in London during Coronavirus.


If I can travel London, where can I find information on the best things to do there?

You’re in the right place. Click here for all my travel guides, tips & advice  and here for food recommendations.

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