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Cafe Miami

Cafe Miami, Hackney

Back last year I  filmed a series of 3 Brunch Places You’ll Love in London as part of a collaboration with Culturetrip.com . One of those places was Cafe Miami and this month it was the venue for the March London Food Social event – a monthly meet up of people who love food and want to meet others that do too.

Cafe Miami is an unsuspecting pop of pastel coloured heaven on a busy corner of Hackney, East London. Opened in November 2016 by the lovely Sophie Wright, the cafe was born out of her love for food and all things Art Deco. The story goes that Sophie was living somewhere called The Strand Building and was looking for a space to open a cafe. Just as fate does its job oh so very well, the space below became available and eh voila, Cafe Miami was born! Now if you haven’t seen or heard of The Strand Building before then Google it right now. I can guarantee you your next thought will be HOW THE HELL CAN I LIVE THERE or be Sophie’s new flatmate. (Pick me!!) It’s a stunning piece of art deco architecture and this blog post by Amber Rose showcases it beautifully.

You could easily say that this could be one of those cafes we hear about far too often that is style over substance. Well, trust me it’s not. Yes, it’s quirky and yes it’s SERIOUSLY instagrammable but it delivers on food. The menu is small, simple and has bags of personality. Much like the cafe itself and is all cooked in the teeny tiny kitchen just behind the old skool popcorn machine. (Yes, there’s a popcorn machine!)

As the name suggests the food is based on Miami and the heavy Spanish and Mexican influence it has meaning it’s not really your standard start to the day. In terms of brunch that translates into things like fish finger tacos, breakfast quesadillas and sweetcorn waffles with chorizo. As well as more American staples like sweet waffles and stacks of Nutella or cinnamon roll pancakes. (The cinnamon ones were a special on the menu and if Sophie is reading this I beg her to add it to the regular menu!!) I can’t go without saying you have to get one of the ‘slutty brownies’ on the counter (given to us complimentary as part of the social) They’re a marriage made in brownie, Oreo and cookie heaven and worth travelling to Hackney just for those.

The best types of cafes are those which have a genuine charm and personality and Cafe Miami has that in leaps and bounds – right down to heart-shaped sugar cubes to the banana bread that’s made to mum’s recipe. It’s unique, colourful and not to mention affordable with dishes starting from just £1.80. Each part of the cafe from the design, to the menu, even to the Instagram feed is curated to pastel, palm tree perfection and a great place to escape to one weekend. As Will Smith famously said, Welcome to Miami!

Thank you to Anushka, Sarah, Madeline, Michelle and Catty for coming on a FREEEEZING Sunday morning. If you want to find out how to get involved in the next one then click here for more info!


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