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Broadway Market

Broadway Market, Hackney

London’s not short of a weekend market, right?

The great thing about them is that each one has its own vibe and attracts a different type of person. 

Broadway Market is one that humbly hosts some of the biggest names in the London food scene and hasn’t (yet) become what is the craziness of Borough, Brick Lane or Maltby Street.

Broadway Market, HackneyDespite becoming more and more popular over the last few years, It’s one of the very few markets in London that’s hung on to its community ‘villagey’ spirit.

Broadway Market, HackneyThe French Duck Burgers: Broadway Market, HackneyBroadway Market, HackneyIt’s got an interesting collection of local, independent shops, cafe, and ‘gifty bits’ as I like to call them…

…and being relatively small in comparison to the ones mentioned above, this little historic and effortlessly cool street packs a big punch if you’re looking for a weekend ramble and the perfect place to have a foodie-filled Sunday at The London Food Social. – A monthly meet up for people who love food and want to meet others that do too.

Broadway Market, HackneyViolet Bakery: Broadway Market, HackneyBroadway Market, HackneyBroadway Market, HackneyBroadway Market, London.We made a beeline for the free tasters.

Broadway Market, HackneyBroadway Market, HackneyGot some fresh oysters from Oyster Boy opened and prepared in front of you.

Went down a treat (and not so elegantly on my part.)

Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, HackneyChris liked the look of the creamy truffle risotto from self-confessed mushroom experts Spore Boys who know everything there is to know about shrooms.

While Priya went for the vegan ‘fried chicken’ from Vegan Junk Food and healthy pancakes from Osu-coconuts made fro coconut water.

Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, Hackney… And a few of us decided on the most EPIC burger from The Frenchie.

The Frenchie Duck Burgers: Broadway Market, HackneyThe Frenchie Duck Burgers: Broadway Market, HackneyThe Frenchie Duck Burgers: Broadway Market, HackneyConfit shredded duck topped with goats cheese, truffle honey and crispy duck scratchings.

All wrapped in a sweet brioche roll.

The Frenchie Duck Burgers: Broadway Market, HackneyOne of my top food finds this year and you can also spot them at Southbank and Brick Lane Markets too!

Broadway Market, HackneyIf you wander just 2 minutes from Broadway you’ll also stumble upon a whole host of other things you (we) never knew existed like Yeast Bakery.

A boutique bakery hidden away in a railway arch that we stopped at thanks to Ken who came to the social and told us about it. (One of the many reasons why I love doing this meetup!)

Yeast Bakery Broadway Market, HackneyLook at these feuilletee! A beautiful, filled, sweet brioche pastry that will make you very happy…

Yeast Bakery Broadway Market, HackneySEE! 🙂

Yeast Bakery Broadway Market, HackneyThere’s also Netil Market.

Another unsuspecting foodie corner we found that you could easily and regrettably just walk past.

Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, Hackney Broadway Market, HackneyBroadway is a gem of a place you’ll want to spend a lazy Saturday eating too much food and hanging out with a good bunch of people.

It’s not all about the food SAID NO-ONE EVER, but seriously it isn’t, and there are a few gift, art and design stalls to check out if that’s more your thing. While eating a cake of course.

Like I said it’s not as busy as some of the bigger markets in London but that doesn’t mean its super quiet either so bear that in mind. Remember it’s only open on a Saturday and don’t forget to venture off the beaten track and pay a visit to the surrounding gems and take a walk down the canal. Definitely worth getting up early and jumping on a train out of central London for the day. Especially for that duck burger.

As always a big thank you to everyone who came and made the meet up pretty damn awesome. If you fancy joining one of the LFS or have any ideas on where to go there’s more info about it here.

Hope to see you at the next one.

Broadway Market, Hackney

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