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London Based Things To Do at Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

London Based Things To Do at Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. I’m currently sat typing this blog in the living room of my parent’s house in Wales of which I’ve been at home now for almost 4 weeks. I actually came home for Mother’s Day which was a few days before the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK was announced. It was a blessing in disguise really as being in freelance employment it meant I could spend this time with the people I love the most …  even if 4 weeks in they are starting to do my head in a bit (Sorry mum, if you’re reading this).

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a blog in a while. It’s been difficult to create new content for you in such an uncertain time and I hope you understand that while there isn’t much new coming out at the moment, I am working hard behind the scenes to bring you lots of great content for when this is all over. I’ll be honest. I’ve been struggling with the situation of the last few weeks. I mean, what the hell has happened? Seriously? Whoever thought we would be a situation we had to deal with in our lifetimes? Not me, for sure. From a new business perspective, it has unfortunately been quite devastating. When your brand is based around helping people experience London it becomes pretty impossible. However, it is very important to me to keep serving you as much as possible and hopefully, you’ve checked out my post where I have put 12 suggestions of great days out after the lockdown is over. I hope it gives you something to look forward to. On a more personal note, I’m shocked at how much this has taken a toll emotionally and mentally. More than I ever thought it would of. Sitting still has brought up a lot of anxiety I’d maybe been too busy to even notice.  I wanted to share my thoughts because if anyone else is feeling like this, be it a small business like me or one of you lovely followers and readers finding it difficult at home, you aren’t alone. One thing I have become aware of during this time is that I need to be a lot kinder to myself and not beat myself up for not being productive enough, or creative enough or those days I don’t brush my hair or put a bra on haha. This is such an unusual time. A time no-one ever could have predicted. A time no-one could have prepared for so to judge yourself or your situation at this time would be unfair. On a positive note, I truly believe this has opened up so many opportunities and new futures for so many people. In their business, in their relationships, in their everyday lives.

I wanted to put together some things to do at home during Coronavirus lockdown that I hope will keep your spirits up during this uncertain time. This ranges from virtual London tours to things I’ve been baking, watching and doing at home myself. I’m enjoying a glass of wine from my favorite liquor store as I’m typing this. I’ve also added some great suggestions from my friends, family and social media followers! Myself, being in Wales I haven’t had any London based deliveries but I am so glad to see some of my favourite restaurants are still doing delivery which I’ve listed below.  Before we get into it remember if you do just ONE of these things I’ve suggested below that’s an achievement. Don’t feel you have to be uber-creative or productive. Be kind to yourself.


Things to do 

Theatre and Online Streaming

Royal Albert Hall at Home

National Theatre At Home

The Stay At Home Festival

The Show Must Go Online

Andrew Lloyd Webber Live Streaming

Sadlers Wells Digitial Stage

Soho Theatre On Demand

Official London Theatre Online

British Film Institute Online Subscription

London Palladiums Wind in The Willows Full Musical


Classes and workshops

Borough Market  Live Cooking Demos

Bread Ahead Live Baking Classes

Nikon School Online Free Camera Classes

Cake by Courtney Cake Tutorials

Female Foodie Cook-a-long Insta Stories

Learn a language for free with Duolingo

Harvard Online Free Courses

Open University Free Online Courses


London at home

Visit London Virtual London Tour

Natural History Museum Online Exhibits

Behind The Scenes at London Zoo

London Transport Museum Online Collection

Royal Museum Greenwich Virtual Tour

British Museum Virtual Tour

House of Parliament Virtual Tour

National Gallery Virtual Tour


Health and Mind

The Body Coach at home workouts

Headspace Meditation

At home Youtube Yoga classes

Inner Space Online Mental Health and Meditation Webinars

Barry’s Live Bootcamp from your Bedroom



London restaurants and cafes doing deliveries/online orders/collection

1. Pophams  – Pasta and pastries (Delivery 1.5 mie radius. Opening for click and collect next week. Keep an eye on social media.

2. CalderaGreat Mexican food (Available on Uber Eats & Deliveroo)

3. Chin Chin Ice – Cream  – Select from their crazy cakes and dessert collection (Available from their online shop)

4. 1n1 Fashion & Pizza Online pizza  & bread courses

5. A Pie PartyGreat sweet pies & treats (Available from their online shop)

6. Cutter & SquidgeCakes & treats (Available from their online shop)

7. Ahi PokeHawaiian Poke (Available on Deliveroo)

8. Where The Pancakes Are At home pancake kits (Available from their online shop)

9. Honi PokeHawaiian Poke (Available for delivery & collection)

10.Berto PastaHandmade Pasta (Available on Deliveroo)

11. Crumbs & DoiliesAt home baking kits (Available from their online shop)

12. Crosstown DoughnutsSourdough doughnuts (Available for pickup and delivery)

13. Patty & Bun at home kitsBurger making kits (Available for delivery from their online shop)

14. Crispin (40% off vouchers) Vouchers for brunch after lockdown

15. BAO – New delivery service from cult Japanese restaurant  (Available on Deliveroo)

16. Creme Cookies – Giant American style cookies  (Available from their online shop for  delivery or pick up)

17. The Cheese Bar – Cheese boxes delivered (Available for UK delivery)

18. Rosa’s Thai Cafe – Great Thai food (Available on Deliveroo from limited locations only)

19. L’Antica Pizza de Michele – Labelled as the world’s best pizza  (Available on Deliveroo)

20. Kova Patisserie – Japanese Cakes (Available for collection only)

21. Lina Stores – Fresh pasta (Available from their online shop)

22. Burger and Beyond – ‘Lockdown’ burger kits (Available from their online shop)

23. Homeslice Pizza – Great pizza (Available both delivery and collection)

24. Shoryu – Noodles (Available on Deliveroo)

25. Dominique Ansel Bakery – Sweet treats (Available from their online shop)

26. The Joint – Mouthwatering ribs & burgers (Available for delivery in Greenwich area)

27. Goodbelly Pizza – Vegan pizza  (Available for delivery on selected dates)

28. Big Fernand – French-style burgers (Available on Deliveroo and collection from restaurant)

29. Cafe de Nata – Coffee & Portuguese custard tarts (Available from South Ken Tues to Sat 12-6pm and from their online shop)

30. Franco Manca Pizza – Sourdough pizza (Available on Deliveroo from limited locations)

31. Crust Bros – Pizza (Available on Deliveroo & the crust bros deli)

32. Brother Marcus – Deli items (Available from 6th May for takeaway from Balham location or online for pre-orders)

33. Crepes a la Carte – French crepes (Available Fri – Sun for pickup or delivery from their online shop)

34. Banh Banh – Vietnamese Food Reduced menu available from  8th May for pick up only from Peckham location)

35. Miel Bakery –  Bakery goods (Available for takeaway and delivery only)

36. Bad Brownie – Great brownies (Available UK delivery from their online shop)

38. Zzetta Pizza – Great pizza (Available from their online shop)

39. Apple Blue Patisserie – Bakery goods – Takeaway only from their Balham shop

40. Zia Lucia – Pizza – (Available on Deliveroo and takeaway from certain locations)

41. Bancone – Pasta – (They have put out their famous silk handkerchief pasta recipe to make at home which you can see here)

42. Luminary Bakery – Baked goods  (Offering gift vouchers for when they re-open)

43. Dumpling Shack and Fen Noodles – Dumplings (Available on Deliveroo)

44. Vida Bakery – Gluten-Free and Vegan Baked Goods (Available from their online store)

45. Bone Daddies – Japanese (Available on Deliveroo or collection from Bermondsey or OldStreet

46. Quartieri – Pizza (Available on Deliveroo)




Here are a few recipes I’ve made while I have been at home. These recipes have never failed and are always my go-to!


√  A perfect Banana Bread recipe. I add chocolate chips too!

√  Who doesn’t love a classic Victoria Sponge . My tip is to cream the butter until it’s really pale first for a super light sponge

√  This is my go to Brownie recipe. For extra naughtiness I freeze balls of nutella first and add them to the batter just before baking.

√  Who doesn’t love a Rice Krispy Cake? Super easy and a great one for the kids.

√  The perfect chocolate cake recipe

√ I love this carrot cake recipe. Especially with this cream cheese frosting.


Things to do at home (suggestions from me and my friends & family)

  1. Keep a routine as much as possible
  2. Cook new recipes
  3. Play virtual games over video chat with friends and family
  4. Have a pamper night
  5. Organise your wardrobe
  6. Learn new hairstyles on YouTube
  7. Get up before 9 am every day
  8. Learn a new card game
  9. Learn to headstand
  10. 30-day creative challenge – Focus on doing something you love but never have time to do for 30 days
  11. Yoga practice like this one.
  12. Painting/colouring
  13. Baking
  14. Upcycling furniture
  15. Home workouts like The Body Coach
  16. Puzzles
  17. Learn a language for FREE with Duolingo
  18. Organise a virtual book club
  19. Take a Harvard free course
  20. Binge Netflix, BBC Iplayer, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime, Disney +
  21. Use a meditation app like Headspace
  22. Journal your thoughts and feeling
  23. Drink Berroca from a Champagne glass
  24. Chat with a friend on the phone or video call
  25. Listen to positive, uplifting music
  26. Listen to a podcast
  27. Go outdoors (within reason)
  28. Get Gardening (if you can)
  29. Take an Open University Free Course
  30. Clean places in your house you’ve avoided for ages
  31. Learn to Crochet. Lot’s of stuff on youtube. 


Important information

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the situation itself but if you do have questions about the Coronavirus situation in London there is more information on the Visit London website and the UK Government website. Also, Time Out have put together a very helpful list of all the events that have been cancelled in London which you can find here. Also, being a big theatre buff myself and for anyone reading this who has booked tickets for an upcoming West End show, all theatre events have been cancelled until 31st May. Please see the SOLT website for more information.


A note before you go…

As always, thank you so much for visiting NOTSOBASICLONDON. Please continue to think of NOTSOBASICLONDON if you’re planning a trip to London in the future or looking for ideas of things to do and places to eat. Tell all your friends and family too. There are so many resources on here to help you plan your time in London and I’ve listed them below. I can’t wait to get back to creating great London content for you guys soon. Take care of yourselves.


To get you started, I’ve listed below some great blog posts that will be super helpful when planning your trip to London. They are:

Need help planning your trip when this is over? Hand it over to a real-life Londoner to do all the hard work for you and book into one of my London trip consultations. In a 30-minute video call, we will discuss your requirements for your trip to London and I will put together a personalised mini guide for you. Find out more about my London trip consultations here.


If you want great recommendations of places to eat in London you’ll find all of my foodie bucket lists here which include where to eat London’s best breakfasts, pizzas, desserts etc. If you only have time to read one I’d recommend by ‘must-eats of 2020’ post here.


If you live in London or are looking to move here you’ll find lots of information and tips about how to live in London well here.


Lots of love.

Charlotte x


WAIT! Before you go…

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  1. Anis
    7th June 2020 / 7:40 am

    Thank you so much for all your suggestions on what to do in lockdown.

    I love your posts and enjoy reading them. Even though I am a Londoner, it’s great to be reminded what a fantastic city we live in!


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