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BANH BANH Vietnamese

BANH BANH Vietnamese

Home cooking is the best, right?

Scrap those Michelin stars or anything with the words ‘deconstructed’ in the title. When your mum or dad makes you a meal at home it tastes nothing like what you make yourself. Even if it’s as simple as beans on toast. Am I right?

Sorry, mum, Banh Banh in Peckham is bringing authentic, home-cooked Vietnamese to the capital and I want to join the family. 

A great choice for Septembers London Food Social.*A monthly meetup of people who love food!

BANH BANH VietnameseBANH BANH VietnameseBANH BANH VietnameseRan by 5 siblings born and bred in Peckham, the restaurant is family affair inspired by their grandmother’s handwritten recipes who worked as a chef in Saigon in the 1940s…

Of a weekend it’s a pretty busy place and the vibe is buzzing with Peckhams locals enjoying nans authentic recipes without ever having to leave the city.

BANH BANH VietnameseBANH BANH VietnameseHearty stews, big bowls of noodles and seafood pancakes is what you can expect. 

All made for sharing (or not) and nothing costing over a good old British ten-pound note.

Just what we like to hear!

BANH BANH VietnameseSmallish plates of crackers, summer rolls and a mouthwatering BBQ aubergine dressed with fish sauce and peanuts…

The latter a fav of mine.

BANH BANH Vietnamese BANH BANH Vietnamese…Or bigger ones like Banh Khot Pancakes.

Mini turmeric, coconut and prawn pancakes served with salad to wrap and sauce to dip.

BANH BANH Vietnamese BANH BANH VietnameseThit Koha. 

Crispy eggs with caramelised pulled pork. Tasted as good as it sounds.

BANH BANH Vietnamese… and Bo Kho Stew of beef shin chunks with lemongrass, carrots and green beans.  

BANH BANH VietnameseNo skimping on that beef.

BANH BANH VietnameseBanh Banh has brought bold, comforting, nostalgic Vietnamese favourites to South London in a non ‘chainy’, no fuss, no frills kinda way. Something for the big evening groups or the solo luncher.

The choice is vast, service knowledgeable, and you can almost taste the history in the recipes.

In a nutshell, simple, honest cooking we are thanking grandma for! 

A big thank you to Elena, Nicola, Natalie, Michelle, Vitaliya, Sharon and Chris for coming to Septembers London Food Social and if you want to find out more about the next one click here 🙂

BANH BANH Vietnamese BANH BANH Vietnamese BANH BANH Vietnamese

46 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR
Website: http://www.banhbanh.com/
Nearest Station: Peckham Rye

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