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Balans Soho Society

Balans Soho Society

A few years ago, I was living in a houseshare in Wimbledon when I met this girl called Catherine. To cut a long story short, I asked her what she was doing on the weekend and she told me about this place she loved called Balans for breakfast.

 Fast forward 6 years and I’ve visited Balans MANY times for breakfast since her recommendation and now it’s only fair that I pass on the love to you.

Balans Soho SocietyBalans Soho Society

Balans is a bit of an institution in Soho.

I don’t know how many years exactly but I do know they’ve been around for a long time and apart from a bit of a facelift of late, they have always been known for serving up great food and cocktails until the early hours of the morning. Yes, we’re talking until 5 am ! Over the last few years, they’ve expanded to 7 locations across London but the original Soho location, (where we are today) will always my favourite.

Balans Soho SocietyBalans Soho Society

The breakfast here is one of my go to’s in central London.

 It’s a place to go to when you don’t want anything fussy but you just want somewhere solid. Somewhere good. Somewhere tasty. Somewhere you know you’ll be fed well at a reasonable price and it’ll satisfy everyone your with.

If you’re like me and have a few fussy friends and a lot of fussy family you can’t really go wrong here. The menu is varied for the more adventurous of us out there but still approachable for those who like some good old bacon and eggs for the first meal of the day. 

Believe it or not, in this crazy brunch filled world that is London, you’d be really surpised how hard it is to find a classic brekkie or just some good old toast and tea and Balans has you covered for both of those.

Balans Soho Society Balans Soho Society

We loved the hearty full English. Minus any grease and cooked to how you like it.

Balans Soho Society

The omlette was cooked perfectly with their signature ‘Balans’ potatoes.

Balans Soho Society

Plus, there’s healthier options too like this avocado, halloumi and tomato toast.

Balans Soho Society

On a not so healthy note, their pancakes are featured on my best pancakes in London list for obvious reasons and they are honestly some of the best I’ve tried .. and I’ve tried a LOT.

Balans Soho Society

So next time you’re stuck for somewhere for breakfast try Balans, espesically if you’re with a fussy crowd who wants somewhere easy and comfortable  but still  wants a good London breakfast experience. It’s not stuffy or protentious. Neither is it as far as a greasy spoon style ‘caf’. It’s a perfect balance of the two and there’s always a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere at the Soho branch.  

A great morning as always, thanks Balans!

Balans kindly invited me to breakfast and also sponsored this post. As with all my features, all words, photographs and opinions are my own and are a true reflection of my experience.

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  1. 21st August 2018 / 1:14 pm

    I haven’t been to Balans for ages – I need to rectify that soon, those brekkies look yummy. Balans was where I discovered a love for porn star martinis, it will always hold a special place in my heart!

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