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Amber, Aldgate

The April London Food Social saw the group heading to Amber – a Middle Eastern/Mediterrean spot tucked away in a corner of East London.

If you visit this website regulary you’ll know it’s ALWAYS first and foremost about the food but this restaurant will have you crushing desperatley on the interior before you’ve even had a chance to look at the menu. Open, light and airy, while still being cozy and don’t EVEN get me started on those sleek wooden chairs and tables. A design lovers dream.

Sitting down at 12pm on a Saturday means you get to pick from all three breakfast, brunch and lunch menus. Oh the joy! That means our spread was made up of creamy shakshuas and idulgent, yogurt covered poached eggs on Turkish bread to the most delicious goats cheese and chorizo pide (a Middle Eastern style pizza) and substantial fresh salads that will give any boring lettuce leaf a run for its money. Sooooooo much choice, a great one for vegetarians and good value on your pocket i’d say!

I’d call Amber a bit of a hidden gem and so much so, you might even have trouble finding it. Adds to its charm if you ask me. It’s just what you want in weekend brunch, lunch spot or evening dinner destination. Especially for a large group of mates as it won’t feel too crowded as so many places do! A VERY welcomed change from avocado on toast.

I loved it and that vote was unanimous.

Thank you to Chris, Sarah, Lucy, Juti, Becca and Alexandra for coming. If you’d like to find out how to join the next London Food Social click here. Hope to see you soon.


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