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Hi, I’m Charlotte, founder of NOTSOBASICLONDON.

NOTSOBASICLONDON was created back 2015. I moved to London from a small town in Wales and had no idea where to start. After a few years of living here, I was navigating the city like a pro and experiencing London to its fullest.

While I’d sit on my morning commute or chat with friends back home, it made me realise that so many people visiting London don’t have the key information or insider knowledge to ensure they have a great time in London.

‘What travel tickets should i buy?’

‘What things can I do for free?’

‘Where can we eat with kids?’

Hearing these things REALLY bothered me because not only did I know I could answer them, but I could give them so much more insider tips and tricks to go along with it.

With this in mind, NOTSOBASICLONDON was born.

London doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated and I truly believe that by studying all the helpful information you’ll learn at NOTSOBASICLONDON, you’ll be 100% prepared for your next trip to the best city in the world.

Charlotte x


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