7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London

7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London
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If you’ve read the original list of 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London you’ll know the capital has some pretty epic ones around.  Lucky for us there’s more, and here are another 7 hot chocolates you must drink in London.

1. Ube Hot Chocolate, Mamason Dirty Ice-cream

with ube whipped cream.

Mamasons Dirty ice-cream is a funky little dessert shop in North London that does a range of Filipino treats including this very unusual ‘ube’ hot chocolate. Ube is a purple potato used widely in Filipino cooking and they somehow make a hot chocolate from it.  While it looks very pretty, let’s just say it is THE most unusual and interesting tasting hot chocolate you will ever come across. I genuinely can’t describe it, you seriously just have to taste it for yourself!

Ube Hot Chocolate, Mamasons Dirty Ice-cream : 7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London91 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY http://dirtyicecream.co.uk


2. Blossoming Hot Chocolate, Dominique Ansel

with a marshmallow blossoming flower.

*Click to play video* Never did I EVER think I would be describing a drink as ‘theatrical’ but it turns out that’s exactly what I am doing.  This beautiful hot chocolate from world famous bakery Dominique Ansel involves dropping a flower of marshmallow into decadent chocolate which actually blossoms in front of your eyes. If that wasn’t good enough already it melts down so a layer of thick gooey mallow sits on the top. My tip? Don’t stir it in cos’ every sip will be super sweet and sticky. Style AND substance with this one. Just by Victoria train and coach station too if you’re hopping on a train or bus and fancy a treat first.

17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP http://www.dominiqueansellondon.com


3. Signature Hot Chocolate, Rococo Chocolates

Motcomb Street is a little road in uber swanky Belgravia that’s home to designer fashion, beauty and food. Christian Louboutin (The guy with the red-soled shoes that go for thousands of pounds!) is there just to give you an idea! Nestled in this small street is a quaint artisan chocolatier called Rococo who do luxury handmade chocolates and gifts to take away. What a lot of people don’t know is they also have a secret garden where you can enjoy one of their homemade hot chocolates snuggly outside. It always comes with a little piece of chocolate to enjoy too. A lovely little quiet corner of London that doesn’t feel like London at all!

Signature Hot Chocolate, Rococo Chocolates : 7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London5 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8JU https://www.rococochocolates.com


4. Vegan Hot Chocolate, Chin Chin Labs

with vegan coconut cream.

*Click to play video* Remember the toasted marshmallow hot chocolate from Chin Chin Labs in my 13 Hot Chocolates to Drink in London post and my Behind the scenes of London’s most decadent hot chocolate post? If you haven’t seen already it has a thick scoop of marshmallow fluff on top that’s toasted right in front you! Delicious yes but unfortunately not any good for you guys who are vegan. Fortunately, the guys at Chin Chin Labs have created an alternative with the same great hot chocolate underneath but have put whipped coconut cream on top. Its so decadent and tasty, and never would you know it doesn’t contain dairy. 

49-50 Camden Lock Place NW1 8AF http://www.chinchinlabs.com


5. Milk Hot Chocolate, Chocywoccydodah

… with marshmallow and a chocolate stick.

Chocywoccydodah are known for their extravagant, crazy and colourful cake creations located just off Oxford Street in their dedicated cake boutique. As well as their shop downstairs they also have a cafe upstairs with a full sweet menu and this signature hot chocolate is on there. In all honesty, it’s a little bit style over substance so don’t expect a cup of thick molten chocolate but a modest cup which has been decorated well and tastes like you would make at home. So, why have I included it on this list you might be thinking? Well not everyone wants a gourmet cup of chocolate and you may want something that’s a bit fun, colourful and a nice experience. Get there early. There’ll probably be a queue.

Chocywocydodah Hot Chocolate, Chocywocydodah : 7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London30-32 Foubert’s Pl, Carnaby, London W1F 7PS https://www.choccywoccydoodah.com


6. Praline Hot Chocolate, Elan Cafe

Elan cafe is small cafe tucked away on a corner of Londons very expensive Park Lane and it’s an Instagrammers dream. They do beautiful looking cakes and pastries (I haven’t tried them so don’t quote me on that) as well as silky, smooth Nutella, chilli and praline hot chocolates. If you’re lucky to get a table on the front you can people watch over towards the 5* Waldorf Hotel of which it overlooks. Remember I did say it’s on Park Lane and I did say 5* Waldorf Hotel so know if you are coming here just note it’s not going to be cheap!

Praline Hot Chocolate, Elan Cafe : 7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London48 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1PR http://www.elancafe.co.uk


7. Gelato Hot Chocolate, Gelpuo

Ever had affogato? Ice-cream with hot coffee poured over the top? Delish, right? Gelupo is an artisan Italian gelateria (say that when you’re drunk) and they do a similar version of this but instead of using coffee they pour hot chocolate over a big dollop of gelato. Best thing is you can choose whatever flavour you want and customise your own. The one below is mint choc chip.

Gelato Hot Chocolate, Gelupo : 7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink In London7 Archer St, Soho, London W1D 7AU http://www.gelupo.com


WAIT. DON’T GO YET! There’s another 2 I’ve found that I wanted to add to the list.


8. Chocolate Chaud du Mois, Comptoir Gourmand

The French are excellent at being indulgent and Comptoir Gourmand is nothing but that. This little French bakery is packed full with pastries, cakes and bread and between all of those sits their hot chocolate. It’s made with coconut cream so it’s really thick, luxurious and has a delicious sweetness to it from the coconut. You can choose to add meringue or brownie pieces to it as well, and why the hell wouldn’t you?!

Chocolate Chaud du Mois, Comptoir Gourmand : 7 Hot Chocolates To Drink In London

96 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UB, https://comptoirgourmand.co.uk


9. Orange Hot Chocolate, Jaz & Juls Chocolate Shop

with whipped cream and marshmallow.

I featured Jaz & Jul’s back last year on my banana bread bucket list (Didn’t know you needed that in your life until now did you!) They’re a lovely little chocolate shop in North London ran by two friends Jaz & Jul’s who have a passion for all things chocolate. Inside the cafe they have a whole host of different flavoured hot chocolates to eat in or takeaway which are all ethically sourced and made in London. 

Jaz & Juls Hot Chocolate : 7 Hot Chocolates To Drink In London
1 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ, http://www.jazandjuls.co.uk


10. Artisan Hot Chocolate, MELT.

MELT are a chocolate boutique in West London’s affluent Notting Hill. If you haven’t been to that area before I highly recommend you head there one weekend to see the markets, the colourful houses and then stop off at MELT for a hot chocolate. There’s no bells or whistles with this one, just a good cup of luxurious, thick hot chocolate. They also have their own range of designer chocolate bars and boxes to buy in store too.

MELT, Notting Hill : 7 Hot Chocolates To Drink In London

59 Ledbury Road W11 2AA, https://www.meltchocolates.com/


11. Pierre Marcolini

… with whipped cream and meringue pieces.

Pierre Marcolini, like MELT, are a designer chocolate brand. They have stores all over the world and they are one of the leaders in fashionable, couture chocolates. In their Marylebone store, they do a decadent hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate meringue pieces. This one is not as thick as some I’ve had but packs a punch in intense flavour. For the high-end hot chocolate drinker.

Pierre Marcolini : 7 Hot Chocolates To Drink In London

37 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4QE London, https://eu.marcolini.com/en/stores/#london-marylebone


Don’t forget to check out my other post of 13 epic hot chocolates in London if you haven’t seen it yet! 

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