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Top Tips For Dining Out In London

Top Tips For Dining Out In London

Keep reading to check out my Top Tips For Dining Out In London.

If you’re visiting London you’ll want to take advantage of the amazing food it has to offer. You’ll also want to know a few insider tips to make that experience as good as possible! Here are my Top Tips For Dining Out In London.


1.  Afternoon Tea is a must

There’s nothing more British than a quintessential afternoon.  There are lots of places that do afternoon tea in London from high-end, more traditional teas like The Ritz or The Savoy, to more quirky ones like the landmarks of London inspired afternoon tea. My advice would be to save up and go for one that is really iconic like The Ritz or The Savoy. They are about £20 more expensive than the lesser-known ones but the quality and reputation are second to none.  Check out AfternoonTea.com for excellent afternoon tea offers.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of afternoon tea at The Ritz)



2. Find sneaky ways around things.

When you haven’t got the biggest budget but still want to explore as much of the city as possible, finding sneaky ways around things is the way forward. Did you know can pay £32 to go to The View From The Shard Experience or instead, you can visit Aqua Shard which is a bar/restaurant at the top of The Shard. If you visit Aqua Shard and buy a drink you get both the view and a drink for less than the price of The View From The Shard experience.  Also, if you’ve seen somewhere like Duck and Waffle with its amazing breakfast views across London and think it’s way out of your budget, you’ll be shocked to know a cup of tea and some eggs on toast come in at just over £10. 

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of the view from Duck & Waffle)



3. Try an Air BnB Experience.

Air BnB has recently launched their ‘experiences’ and there are so many to choose from in London! If you haven’t heard of them before they are organised group meetups, tours and cooking classes usually run by a local person who knows their trade inside out. It’s such a good way to really live in the city you’re visiting. Click here to find out more.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Picture of woman making Pastel de Nata)



4. Download City Mapper.

If you don’t want transport problems getting in the way of your breakfast or dinner then you need to download City Mapper. City Mapper is a comprehensive, easy to use app that makes navigating around London so much easier. It’s an absolute lifesaver for anyone visiting London. Click here for Apple, here for Android or here for the website. You can also learn more about London Transport on my guide here.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of the Citymapper logo)



5. Go for brunch.

Brunch is a big thing in London! Families and friends rally around between 11 am and 4 pm on a weekend to get their bacon, eggs or pancakes fix. Luckily for us, we’re spoilt for choice for where to go here in London. Lots of great recommendations here.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of pancakes from Balans)



6. Make sure you get out of Central London.

Probably the most valuable piece of advice on this list is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get out of central London! London isn’t just the touristy parts like Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. Don’t get me wrong I love all of those areas but there is SO much more AMAZING food London has to offer outside of Central London. It’s really not as far or as scary as you think!

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Picture of London tube map)



7. Ask the experts.

The great thing about the internet and social media today is that we can immediately and easily connect with the people who live and breathe these amazing cities every day. Go and say hey to a local foodie on Instagram or Facebook and ask them for their best food tips in the city. Even ask them to meet for a coffee if you fancy. I know I have met lots of people through my blog and I LOVE doing it.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of Instagram logo)



8. Eat a Sunday roast.

Like afternoon tea, a Sunday roast is a British staple. If you want to eat as the Brits do then you HAVE to go for one on a Sunday. I’ll be honest and say they can be quite pricey and they can range from anything between £14-£22 so spending the money wisely is key. There are some great ideas here and here. My absolute favourite is Hawkmoor ‘s which I highly recommend goes right to the top of your list.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of Hawksmoor Sunday roast)


9. Get up early.

London is a completely different city in the early morning. The streets are less busy, the cafes are tranquil and you can actually see the sights without having to push your way through the crowds. It’s got a real calmness about it that doesn’t last for very long.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of Trafalgar Square)



10. Check the weather forecast.

There’s NOTHING worse than bad weather to spoil a foodie day out. Wandering around cold, rainy London market is NOT FUN so look at the forecast first and make a plan accordingly. 

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of woman holding an umbrella outside a shop)



11. Take advantage of pre-theatre dining prices.

If you know London you’ll know that the theatre is a big thing here. What’s that got to do with food you might be thinking? Well, it means you can take advantage of lots of great pre-theatre dining deals at some of London’s top restaurants before 6:30 pm and after 10 pm. Some of them are extraordinary value compared to if you went outside of these hours. The best part? You don’t have to be going to the theatre to take advantage! OpenTable and Bookatable have lots to choose from.Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of Les Miserables London Theatre)



12. Make a plan and do your foodie research.

Sometimes wandering around and getting lost is all part of the fun. However, if you haven’t got a lot of time you’ll want to use it wisely. There are so many tools on the internet about the best places to go eat in London . Do your research, write a list and make a plan accordingly so your time is spent eating and not walking around wondering where to go! I’d recommend checking out my blog of How To Efficiently Plan Your Trip In 4 Easy Steps. 

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of food diary)



13. Book in advance.

If you’ve made your food plans as above then make sure you try and book where you intend to go. While a lot of people don’t like committing, it’s better to book and have to cancel than to turn up excited for your morning pancakes and be turned away.  

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of Duck & Waffle Menu)



14. Don’t stay safe.

If you’re coming to London make sure you experience its foodie gems. Pizza Hut is in most countries and it can get really pricey when it adds up. Instead, you could go somewhere like Franco Manca who do affordable and unusual sourdough based pizzas for under £10. Another example would be to try Homeslice with their huge and quirky 20-inch pizzas for just £20. This is one on my favourite top tips for dining out in London

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of pizza from Franco Manca)



15. Spend a day at a market.

London has some AMAZINGGGGG markets. There is something to suit everyone. Here are tons of London market suggestions. I’d highly recommend getting up as early as possible to experience London markets at their best. They can get very crowded.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of a man making burgers at The Frenchie, Broadway Market)



16. Check out The Nudge.

The Nudge is like your uber-cool best friend telling you all the uber-cool things to eat and do in London. If you like to be a little more adventurous and venture away from the usual touristy stuff, The Nudge is one website to check out.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of The Nudge logo)



17. Grab Timeout on a Tuesday.

 TimeOut is a magazine that comes out every Tuesday. It is handed out at most tube and training station and is filled with all the latest food reviews and things to do in London. The best part? It’s free! 

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of TimeOut Magazine)



18. Tipping is optional.

Tips will usually (but not always) be added to your bill at a standard 10% or 12.5% (or more of larger parties) . However, it is not compulsory to tip your waiter in the UK but it is appreciated if your service was good. Always double check your bill.

Top Tips For Dining Out In London (Photo of a receipt)


Thank you for reading my blog on my Top Tips For Dining Out In London. I hope it is helpful to you!




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  1. Alice
    10th July 2018 / 4:45 am

    Hi! Would you happen to know of any afternoon tea spots that accommodate late seatings? We have an overnight layover but we don’t arrive until 2 PM and most places seem to have a cut-off time of 4 pm which would be too rushed from the airport I think. Thank you and loving all the food pics on this site! 🙂

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