14 Books for London Foodies

14 Books for London Foodies
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Whether it’s for you or the food lover in your life, here are 14 books that every London foodie needs!

Ready, steady, go…

1. London’s Best Brunches.

For the breakfast lovers.

London's Best Brunches: 14 Books for London Foodies

Brunch is a BIG thing in London and this book lists all the BEST places to go. We’re talking iconic spots like Duck and Waffle, to local neighbourhood gems like Ben’s canteen. Once you’ve read this you’ll want to make all your weekends free. Click here to buy


2. Time Out London Top 100 Cheap Eats.

For the ones that like to eat out without breaking the bank.

Top 100 Cheap Eats : 14 Books for London Foodies

Finding somewhere good to eat in London when you’re on a budget can be hard sometimes. Time Out have created this handy little book which lists loads of different places so everyone can eat good food at an affordable price. Click here to buy


3. A Guide to London’s Classic Cafes and Fish & Chip Shops.

For the ones who love a proper British chippy or good old greasy spoon cafe.

A Guide To London's Classic Cafes: 14 Books for London Foodies.

When something fancy just won’t cut it this little guide will show you where you can get some proper British grub like fish and chips at a local London chippy or some doorstop thick bacon sandwiches at a local greasy spoon cafe. These London institutions are hard to find and are sadly slowly dying away! Save them, Click here to buy.


4. Secret London – Unusual Bars and Restaurants.

For those who like to try something a bit different.

Secret London : 14 Books for London Foodies

If you’ve done all the hyped up restaurants in London and looking for something a bit different then this is the book you need! We’re talking secret undergrounds bars and restaurants through disguised doors. (But be sure to keep it to yourself, you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing!)  Click here to buy


5. A Foodies Guide to London.

For someone who likes a good read and good food.

A Foodies Guide To London : 14 Books for London Foodies

A Foodies Guide to London is exactly that. This one is definitely for someone who likes to read just as much as eat. As well as great guidance around the culinary world that is London, you’ll learn all about the history of how your favourite foodie places have made it where they are today. Click here to buy


6. Tea & Cake London.

For those with a sweet tooth.

Tea and Cake : 14 Books for London Foodies

From local cafes to high-end high tea you will find all the best places to drink tea and eat cake in London right here. With over 70 places to choose from all over the capital, you won’t be short to locate your next sweet fix! Click here to buy.


7. Harden’s London Restaurants.

For the food expert.

Harden's London Restaurants : 14 Books for London Foodies

The Harden’s guide is for the proper foodie professional. It has over 1000 restaurants all over London and covers every cuisine possible. They summarise each place in a little blurb and do a rating out of 5 for the food, service and ambience. Harden’s been around and reviewing for 25 years so they know their stuff. Get this and know you’re in good hands. Click here to buy


8. Eat Like a Londoner.

For those who want to eat at London’s most popular places.

Eat Like A Londoner : 14 Books for London Foodies

Just moved to London or visiting for a short while? This book shows you where everyday Londoners are eating and loving! Click here to buy


9. Quiet London.

For the people who like a bit of peace and quiet.

Quiet London : 14 Books for London Foodies

London can get pretty crazy. There’s just no stop button sometimes. This book lists some of the places in London where you can get a quiet moment away from the craziness to read a book, use the wifi or just breathe! Click here to buy


10. The London Market Guide.

For the weekend wanderers.

The London Market Guide : 14 Books for London Foodies

London has some UH-MAZE-ING food markets and whether your south, east, north or west this guide will show you everywhere you need to go. From local markets to the big boys in town, free up a weekend, take this book and wear stretchy trousers. Click here to buy


11. Veggie & Organic London.

For our veggie friends and people who like to eat organic.

Veggie & Organic London : 14 Books for London Foodies

Stuck for good veggie food or somewhere that serves organically prepared stuff?  Then this is just the ticket! Covering everything from budget, traditional or luxury, you’ll sure to find somewhere in this book for the veggie in your life. Click here to buy


12. 111 Coffee Shops In London That You Must Not Miss.

For the caffeine and free wifi addicts.

111 Coffee Shops In London That You Must Not Miss : 14 Books for London Foodies

Coffee shops are no longer boring places with miserable waiters serving powdered coffee. London has some of the best (and most unusual) ones in the world and this book is the bible of them all. We’re talking artisan coffee served in a converted toilet or a place where everything is free and you pay for your time spent in there! Coffee lovers this one is for you!  Click here to buy


13. The London Cheese & Wine Guide.

For the cheese and wine lovers (obvs).

The London Cheese & Wine Guide: 14 Books for London Foodies

The title says it all really. Everything you need to know about where to find good cheese and wine in London is in this book. Everywhere from the best markets, delis and restaurants. Plus a section on how to taste wine and ways to pair them both perfectly. Fancy! Click here to buy


14. London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons.

For someone who loves all food, all drink and all London.

London For Foodies, Gourmets and Gluttons : 14 Books for London Foodies

This handy book is a comprehensive index for all things food in London. Where to buy the best ingredients for home cooking, where to eat street food snacks and where to dine at big blow out restaurants. You’ll find them all condensed into this small, easy, quick read book. Click here to buy

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