13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London
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London has some AMAZING hot chocolates to get stuck into this winter. On this list, you’ll find some piled high with marshmallow fluff to cups where they are deliberately drenched in three types of chocolate. Here are 13 hot chocolates you MUST drink in London. (Plus, another 7 here if you want to see an updated list)

1. Classic Hot Chocolate, Hotel Chocolat.

with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

We all know Hotel Chocolat is the place you go if you’re ever in need of some posh chocs. Well, it turns out that a few of their stores in London (and around the UK) also have a cocoa cafe serving freshly made cakes and their speciality hot chocolate. Made with shaved chocolate, topped with chocolate cream and sprinkled with chocolate flakes. It’s definitely one for the extreme chocolate lovers.

Hotel Chocolat,4 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9HB www.hotelchocolat.com



2. Milk Hot Chocolate, SAID Dal 1923.

with a dark, milk and white covered cup.

Imagine a place where the staff smother the cup you’re going to drink from in molten milk, dark and white chocolate before pouring the chocolate into the cup. Imagine no more because that’s exactly what magic you can expect at SAID. The chocolate is so thick that leaving it for a few minutes means you get a layer of thick chocolate skin on the top. Be sure you get a spoon too as that cup is asking to be scraped clean (or licked if no-ones looking!)

41 Broadwick St, Carnaby, London W1F 9QL www.said.it


3. Nutella Hot Chocolate, Cereal Killer Cafe.

with whipped cream, Nutella rim, coco pops, Oreos and chocolate sauce.

The phenomenon that is the Cereal Killer cafe not only sells every cereal you can imagine but they also do hot chocolate creations like you’ve never seen before. We’re talking Nutella, whipped cream, crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce. It’s overloaded so much it spilling out of the sides. No more talking, just look at that…

Cereal Killer Cafe Hot Chocolate - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

Cereal Killer Cafe,139 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB www.cerealkillercafe.com


4. Valrhona Hot Chocolate, Chin Chin Labs.

with a toasted marshmallow top.

Chin Chin Labs are known for their crazy ice cream flavours and combinations made using liquid nitrogen but in 2016  it was their hot chocolate creation that went viral all over the world.  A rich Valrhona chocolate sits beneath a mountain of toasted marshmallow fluff so thick your spoon is more than likely to get stuck. You can see a full behind the scenes feature of this hot chocolate here which currently sits at over 20 million views!

49-50 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF www.chinchinlabs.com


5. Traditional Hot Chocolate, Venchi.

with whipped cream.

If you’re walking around Covent Garden and looking for a dessert than Venchi is the place.  Their hot chocolate is super thick and is topped with a generous squirt of cream. More of a pudding than just a drink.

Venchi Hot Chocolate - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

18, Covent Garden, 40 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8RB, www.venchi.com


6. Classic Hot Chocolate, Dark Sugars.

with milk, dark and white chocolate shavings.

Walk into Dark Sugars on Brick Lane and you will be surrounded by every flavour chocolate truffle you can ever imagine. Once you think you’ve reached chocolate heaven step to the counter and ask for a hot chocolate. Once it’s poured into the cup, milk, dark and white chocolate is hand cut and piled on top before serving. Either eat before you drink or stir into the hot liquid for an extra chocolate hit.

141 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB, www.darksugars.co.uk


7. Aztec Hot Chocolate, Paul A Young.

with choice of spices to add.

Amongst the artisan chocolate at Paul A Young you’ll find a saucepan of molten chocolate sat proudly in the store. Grab a member of staff who will pour it into your own takeaway cup and top it up with your choice of spices. There’s sea salt, cinnamon, chilli or ginger. The world is your chocolate oyster!

Paul A Young Aztec Hot Chocolate - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

143 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8WA www.paulayoung.co.uk


8. Long and Frothy Hot Chocolate, Ruby Violet.

Ruby Violets is a quaint, colourful ice-cream shop in North London. Order their long and frothy hot chocolate and you get to pour hot milk into a cup of molten chocolate and watch it come life. Order a short and intense and you’ll get a cup of pure liquid chocolate to drink on its own. Which one will you choose? Both come in the prettiest cup you’ll ever see.

118 Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HL www.rubyviolet.co.uk


9. Godiva Hot Chocolixir, Godiva Cafe.

with milky foam top.

Godiva is one of the most well-known chocolatiers in the world and people go just to Harrods to visit their chocolate cafe. As well as chocolate cakes, chocolate fondues and chocolate shots, you can get their chocolixir hot chocolate which comes in a choice of milk, dark or white with frothy milk on top. It’s super sweet and super delicious and if you’re shopping and feel like a treat it’s one to visit.

Godiva Hot Chocolate - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London
Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1QF www.godivachocolates.co.uk


10. Pauls Classic Hot Chocolate, PAUL Bakery.

with mini pain au chocolate for dunking.

You can’t go into Paul’s Bakery without ordering one of their signature hot chocolates. It’s thick, luxurious and paired with a mini pain au chocolat for dunking it’s the perfect indulgent treat. 

29 Bedford St, London WC2E 9ED, www.paul-uk.com


11. Artisan Milk Hot Chocolate, Fortnum & Mason.

with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Fortnum’s is a pretty spectacular place and to say you’ve eaten or drunk in there is a luxury in itself! If you’re shopping, browsing or trying to snag some tasters at the cheese counter, a good place to end is at The Parlour. Chocolate curls are melted into hot milk, topped with cream and served with any extras you want like a flake or marshmallows. It’s deliciously sweet and come on, that’s one fancy looking hot chocolate right?

Fortnum and Mason Hot Chocolate - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

181 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1A 1ER www.fortumandmason.com


12. Classic French Hot Chocolate, Laduree.

If you want a true Parisian hot chocolate in the centre of London then look no further than Laduree. This famous bakery is known mostly for its macaroons but they do a great hot chocolate.  Don’t be fooled by it’s thinner consistency than some of the others, it seriously packs a punch.

Covent Garden, 1 The Market, London WC2E 8RA www.laduree.com


13. The Haberdashery

The Haberdashery is a cute little coffee shop in North London. Their hot chocolate comes in a bowl rather than a cup and between the vintage crockery, fairy lights and a counter is full of sweeties and cakes it’s the perfect spot to settle down on a wintery weekend afternoon.

The Haberdashery - 13 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

The Haberdashery Crouch End ,22 Middle Lane, London N8 8PL
170 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7JL

…. and because 13 hot chocolates are not enough to have in your life,  click on the picture for ANOTHER 11 you’ll absolutely love (Yes, I know the picture says 7 but I keep finding more good ones that I have to tell you about!

7 Hot Chocolates You Must Drink in London

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