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100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London

Scroll down to check out 100 hidden gems to discover in London.

 Most of us know about the most famous sights of London such as The London Eye, Big Ben and The Tower of London. After 10 years in London I still love visiting those places and I still suggest them to visitors who want a classic London experience . However, London is so much more than its famous sights. The city holds tons of secrets and each street you walk down there is always something new and bit unusual to discover.

 Below, I’ve listed out 10 of my favourite hidden gems in London. The other 90 are available to download by entering a few details below and the list of 100 hidden gems to discover in London will be sent directly to you inbox in a awesome, easy to read PDF.



1. Little Venice

You would never think something this beautiful could be in the middle of one of the worlds busiest cities. Little Venice can be found where the Grand Union Canal meets the Regent’s Canal. It’s a gorgeous little spot with surrounding cafes, pubs and restaurants as well as canal boat rides and a quirky puppet theatre aboard a floating barge. I recommend walking along the Regent’s Canal starting from Camden Market and ending at this little slice of paradise for a cold drink and a look at the beautiful surrounding neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can board The Waterbus in either direction which will take you via the canal on a 45 minute boat ride. It’s the perfect place on a warm, sunny day. Little Venice features on my list of 50 Fun Things To Do in London This Summer. Check it out.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of Little Venice)


2. God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard was created by Chris Bracey who for 37 years has created iconic light pieces for films and displays. Inside his junkyard you can find a huge collection of lights that have been reclaimed to create one amazing neon paradise you’ll want to explore. God’s Own Junkyard really is one of London’s best hidden gems tucked away on an industrial estate in Walthamstow, East London. They also have a secret café inside, too. You’d never walk past it if you weren’t looking for it. It’s an Instagrammers paradise.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of God's Own Junkyard)


3. Hoxton Monster Shop

Hoxton Monster Supplies Shop is London’s only shop that sells quality goods for monsters of every kind. Whether you’re a Werewolf, Vampire or Mermaid there is something for you. No, I haven’t gone completely crazy. Hoxton Monster Supplies Store are a brilliantly quirky shop in Hoxton, East London who through the power of imagination have turned your everyday goods into fun favourites such as ‘Brain Jam’ for raspberry jam, ‘Thick Snot’ for lemon curd and ‘Impacted Earwax’ for their bars of fudge. This fun concept is made even better knowing that all profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring charity for kids. Whatever your age you’ll love a visit to this shop.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies)


4. Hillgate Place

The colourful houses of Notting Hill are an iconic photograph that tourists love to get when in London. While a lot of people know about the famous rainbow houses around the most touristy part of Notting Hill in Portobello Road Market and the streets coming off of it, not a lot of know about Hillgate Place. Hillgate Place, Farmer Street and Farm Place are tucked just behind Notting Hill Gate Station. This little collection of roads boasts some of the most beautiful houses in London decorated in pastel pinks and deep blues. It is a great place to get that classic Instagram snap!

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of pretty houses in Notting Hill)



5. Emirates Cable Car

The Emirates Cable Car is one of London’s quirkiest modes of Transport. If you read my blog on the best ways to get around London, you’ll know there are 11 different ways to get round the city, one of them being this. The Emirates Air Line is a cable car link that crosses the River Thames from Greenwich to The Royal Docks operated by Transport for London. It is called the Emirates as it is sponsored by the airline, Emirates. The cable car offers a really unique view of London such as the O2 and the London skyline. Journeys take around 10 minutes each way and even if you don’t need to use it as a mode of transport its worth riding it just for the experience.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of the Emirates Cable Car)



6. St Dunstan in The East

In the middle of City of London is one of London’s most beautiful hidden gems, St Dunstan in East. St Dunstan was a tenth century monk who became the Archbishop of Canterbury. The church was built in 1100 but it was badly damaged by the Great Fire of London like so much of the city. Sir Christopher Wren, who also designed St Paul’s Cathedral, built a new tower for the church after the wreckage, however, it was wiped out again in 1941 by a German Bomb. The Anglian Church abandoned St Dunstan in 1967 and it was later turned into the public park it today. St Dunstan is a great place to visit to relax amongst the beautiful ruins. You would never think something this would be in the middle of London.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of St Dunstan in the East)


7. London’s Quirky Museums

We’ve all heard of the larger London museums like the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum, but how about the Vagina Museum, The Freud Museum or The Sewing Machine Museum? Amongst its many ‘regular’ museums, London has so many unusual and downright bizarre museums to check out. My blog on 26 Unusual Museums To Visit in London will tell you them all.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of the Sherlock Holmes Museum)


8. K2 Telephone Box

The K2 was Britain’s first red Telephone Box. In the 1920’s the post office (who controlled the telephone network) held a competition to design a telephone box that would be used in London Boroughs. The London Boroughs at this time weren’t keen on the K1 installed in other cities. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott  who designed Waterloo Bridge and Battersea Power Station won the competition but proposed the telephone boxes be blue or silver, however , the Post Office insisted on red. The first K2 telephone box that has become a London icon was installed in 1926 with 1,700 more following. The telephone box hidden inside Burlington House in Piccadilly is Sir Scott’s original prototype. The other, in the eastern entrance, is one of the first cast-iron K2s installed in London.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of the London K2 telephone box)


9. Evans & Peel Detective Agency

You aren’t by any chance a detective are you? Well, you can only visit Evans & Peel if you are. Evans & Peel are a detective agency where detectives and clients can go to relax while investigating a case. Of course, I’m kidding, but if you go along with he story its way more fun. You’ll find Evans & Peel though a secret door way on a residential street in West London. They are a underground speakeasy bar from the 1920’s prohibition. Once you knock on the door, you’ll be invited downstairs to an agency room where you tell the detective why you’re there and what case you’re investigating. It’s only then will you be let through to the secret bar for great cocktails and American smokehouse style food.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of Evans & Peel Detective Agency)


10.The Royal Mews

Of all the famous sights in London, this one tends to slip under the radar, The Royal Mews, a short walk from Buckingham Palace is responsible for all the road travel arrangements for The Queen and members of the Royal Family. It is a real working mews not just a museum. Inside you’ll be able to see the Gold State Coach worth over £2 million, greet the horses that draw these famous carriages, see the famous royal motors and learn all about the history and ceremony of the British Royal Family. Its a great afternoon out.

100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London (Image of The Gold State Coach at The Royal Mews)


Don’t forget to download the full list of 100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London.



I hope you enjoyed my blog on 100 Hidden Gems To Discover in London. I’ve even created a map for you with all of these on!


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