10 Places To Eat Cheese Fries in London

10 Places To Eat Cheese Fries in London
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Cheese and chips are probably the easiest, most comforting meal you can ever eat. Would you agree? Whether they’re drowned in cheese or actually MADE of cheese, London has some unmissable versions you need to check out … and ladies and gents here they are…

1. Duck Fat Chips with Raclette Cheese and Truffle Mayo, The Frenchie.

These fries are from The Frenchie Bistro who you’ll find at most good London food markets but also in their cosy restaurant in the funky food hub that is the  ArtWorks in South London. They are cooked in duck fat, covered in raclette cheese, and smothered in truffle mayonnaise. The richest, poshest, most indulgent chips you will ever have. Get the duck burger to go with them (which you can see here!) too. You won’t need to eat for a week!

Duck Fat Fries, The Frenchie : 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in LondonElephant Rd, Unit 8, The Artworks Elephant SE17 1AY, www.theartworks.london/frenchie-bistro


2. Cheese, Chips and Gravy, Dip & Flip.

Dip and Flip are famous for their gravy soaked menu. We’re talking burgers, patty melts and french dip sandwiches all dipped, soaked and covered in the stuff.  Combine that with their gravy soaked cheesy chips and a milkshake, you’ve got yourself one big, delicious, calorific meal. Their motto is life tastes better dipped in gravy and they’re not wrong!

Cheese, chips and gravy, Dip & Flip: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London

64-68 Atlantic Rd, Brixton, London SW9, www.dipandflip.co.uk


3. Cheese Fries, Shakeshack.

Sometimes you don’t want locally sourced cheese from a mountaintop in France. Sometimes you just want that squeezy fake cheese that we’re supposed to think is disgusting but is actually the best thing ever? Shakeshack’s crinkle cut fries are covered in the stuff and with several of this popular fast food chain in London, there is no excuse not to go and fill your face. 

Cheese Fries, Shakeshack: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London24, Market Building, Piazza, London WC2E 8RD, www.shakeshack.com


4. Truffle Frites with Parmesan, Christophers.

Don’t be deceived by the lack of cheese on the fries at Christophers in Covent Garden. They’ve been drizzled in truffle oil first, and then dusted with parmesan. Rich truffle oil with the strong, sharp cheese means less is definitely more here. (Yes, those are pancakes in the background because what else goes better with chips, right?)

Truffle fries, Christophers: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London18 Wellington St, London WC2E 7DD, www.christophersgrill.com


5. Oli Baba’s Halloumi Fries, Camden Market.

WHERE’S THE CHEEEEEEE I hear you cry? Well, these photogenic fries are actually MADE of cheese. Yes, you read that correctly – MADE. OF. CHEESE! Oli Baba’s fries don’t come near a potato and are made completely of halloumi. Deep fried and covered in pomegranate syrup, yoghurt and mint. Cheesy chips have just gone all trendy on us, and they are seriously good.

Halloumi fries, Oli Baba: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London 32 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AL, www.camdenmarket.com


6. Raclette Fries, The Joint.

Famous for their epic pulled pork burgers (which you can see here), The Joint has partnered with the Raclette Bros and cover everything they do in cheese! It’s scrapped from a molten, bubbling wheel and piled on top of their burgers and of course fries! If The Joint weren’t epic enough already this has taken them to a whole new level!

Raclette fries, The Joint: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London87 Brixton Village Market, Atlantic Road London SW9 8PS, http://thejoint.co


7. Super Pommes, Herman Ze German.

These fries are from German fast food joint Herman Ze German – home of the bratwurst sausage. They are covered in melted cheese, topped with a meaty, chilli sausage and squirted with sweet chilli mayo. Great for a quick, hearty bite! The Germans did good.

Bratwurst fries, Hermen ze German: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London24, 33 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 5JU, www.hermenzegerman.com


8. Fondue Fries, Eat Le Bab.

Who said fondue had to be with bread or potatoes? Eat Le Bab in Kingly Court does posh kebabs and fries. Not just any fries though, fries that come with a fondue dipping sauce. It strong, mustardy and with a slight beer tang. A far cry from a kebab and cheesy chips on a Saturday Night.

Fondue fries, Eat Le Bab: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London
Top Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW, www.eatlebab.com 


9. Cheese Tater Tots, Burger and Beyond.


Okay, so they aren’t technically fries but they are round potatoes so it’s basically the same thing! Burger and Beyond are one of the top contenders for London’s best burgers. Their cheese fries aren’t just loaded with regular old cheese but piled with mac and cheese and crispy onions. You can find Burger and Beyond at street markets Dinerama, KERB and Giant Robot. If you want somewhere to sit down you can also find them at North London pub Camdens Daughter.

Mac and cheese tater tots, Burger and Beyond: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London  Various locations: See above description for more details.


10. Classic Poutine, The Poutinerie.

We call it cheese, chips and gravy but the Canadians call is poutine. Slightly different to what we know it the UK, their version is piled with cheese curds instead of the usual grated stuff we all know! The Poutinerie specialises in this international delicacy and can be found on Brick Lane every Sunday!  

Cheese, chips and gravy, The Poutinerie: 10 Places to Eat Cheese Fries in London

Brick Lane Market, Shoreditch, London E1 6PU, http://bricklane.org



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  1. 23rd February 2017 / 10:29 am

    The fondue fries are addictive, I ate way more than fair share when I went. And those halloumi fries look epic, I really need to try them.

    • Not So Basic London
      24th February 2017 / 11:26 pm

      Yes, honestly if your a salty sweet person then you will love them. hope to see you at one of the grub club events. Be good to finally meet you. xx

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