HOLBORN DINING ROOMS – 5* Dining For £25 At The Rosewood Hotel

What if you could have a 3-course dinner at a restaurant where a hotel room costs £10,000 a night and boasts its own postcode for under £30?  Well at the Rosewoods Holborn Dining Rooms you can. With regular guests like Justin Beiber, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us. The Holborn Dining… Read More »

Holborn Dining Rooms at the £10,000 a night 5* Rosewood Hotel offers an 3 amazing courses for just £25 before 6:30pm. A must for a special occasion without breaking the bank!


Breakfast. The most important and best meal of the day… …and where better to go than a place named after it. The Breakfast Club. This particular branch being the Hoxton in East London. Hipster capital of the world.  The Breakfast Club can be found in all 4 corners of London and you’ll rarely see it… Read More »

The Breakfast club is probably one of the most popular places in London for breakfast and brunch. They do all day breakfast classics like huge stacks of pancakes and full English breakfast and some other British favourites. More on www.notsobasiclondon.com

THE IVY – 3 courses for under £30

Over the last few years you would have seen pictures of Victoria Beckham and Lindsey Lohan photographed outside. Right back to the 1920’s you would have seen theatre royalty like Lawrence Olivier and Noel Coward as regulars. What is usually only assumed for the rich and famous,  with the help of a set menu for… Read More »

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