10 London Foods You Must Eat in 2017

2016 brought some amazing food to the London restaurant scene and if you don’t eat anything else in London ever again, here are 10 amazing meals you need to eat in 2017. 1. Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza Union Not only is Pizza Union’s double pepperoni pizza ABSOLUTELY delicious, at just £5.95 it’s an absolute steal. It’s thin, crispy… Read More »

10 London Foods You Must Eat in 2017 . Find them on www.notsobasiclondon.com

PATRON CAVE À MANGER – Cheese & Wine Deli

You know the French restaurant Patron from this post? Well, just two doors down from their fantastic restaurant, you’ll find their other French creation in the form of their French deli; Solely dedicated to all things cheese, meat and wine. So, if you’re a fan of any of those three things (why wouldn’t you be), then you need… Read More »

Patron Cave A Manger-61

STEAK AND CHIPS – Maltby Street Market (Part 3 of 3)

Last on the Maltby Street Market hit-list is a place where the queue is at least 10 people long and iPhones are going Instagram crazy – this is Steak and Chips. Steak and Chips is literally what it says on the tin. Steak served on chips with a choice of sauce. Sounds pretty basic, right? Well, basic’s really not… Read More »

Steak and Chips in Maltby Street Market is top quality steak sliced and piled on top of THE crunchiest triple cooked chips, and covered in either bernaise, chimichurru, hollandaise sauce or horseradish cream. More on www.notsobasiclondon.com
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