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LOKHANDWALA – Indian Style Tapas

Going out for an Indian doesn’t always mean the experience that we’re used to. While there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with the local restaurant serving up a favorite of chicken tikka masala, rice, and garlic naan bread (oh yes how we love that combo!!) or grabbing a takeaway on the way home after a few drinks… Read More »


BUN HOUSE – Cantonese Bao Street Cafe

Steamed buns have become a bit of a trend in London over the last few years. With popular Asian restaurants like Bao (known for its queue before it’s even opened) and Shoryu (known for its fantastic ramen) serving them up thick and fast, these little buns are certainly near the top of Londons trendiest foods list; and… Read More »

Bun House in Soho is Cantonese style street food cafe serving great sweet and savoury steamed buns. More on notsobasiclondon.com

10 London Foods You Must Eat in 2017

2016 brought some amazing food to the London restaurant scene and if you don’t eat anything else in London ever again, here are 10 amazing meals you need to eat in 2017. 1. Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza Union Not only is Pizza Union’s double pepperoni pizza ABSOLUTELY delicious, at just £5.95 it’s an absolute steal. It’s thin, crispy… Read More »

10 London Foods You Must Eat in 2017 . Find them on www.notsobasiclondon.com

5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London.

When you can’t decide between a doughnut, muffin, croissant or eclair, London has you covered. Here are 5 weird doughnuts you must eat in London … a bit odd, but very tasty! 1. Cronut – Dum Dum Donutterie, Shoreditch. The world famous cronut is a mash-up of two beloved bakery items – a croissant and doughnut. With it’s… Read More »

When you can't decide between a doughnut, muffin, croissant or eclair, London has you covered. Here are 5 weird doughnuts you must eat in London. More on www.notsobasiclondon.com

MILK TRAIN – Ice-cream like you’ve never seen it before!

London never fails to come up with some quirky food ideas. Cereal sold by the bowl at Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden, a place dedicated to porridge at 26grains in Covent Garden and a place in Soho called Hipchips that just does crisps and dips! Now there’s somewhere with a queue out the door whipping… Read More »

Milk Train is London's first and only candy floss icecream parlour. Choose from 3 flavours, 9 toppings and 2 sauces; all wrapped up in super sweet and sticky candy floss. Whatever the weather this is on the list for must places to eat in London. More details on www.notsobasiclondon.com

CHRISTOPHER’S – Build your own pancakes!

Pancakes are awesome already, right? Whether you’re a bacon and maple syrup person or yoghurt with berries, you really can’t go wrong. But what if you go somewhere and you’re in need of bacon and syrup and they only do chocolate and strawberries. What happens then? Well, free up a weekend because, on Saturdays and Sundays, 11:30… Read More »

Christopher's in Covent Garden is a contemporary American restaurant with a sweeping staircase and striking martini bar. They do impressive breakfast and lunch by day, scones (with nutella, cream and jam!!) in the afternoon and juicy steaks by night. But the star of the show is their build your own pancake menu. Find out more about Christopher's DIY Pancakes on www.notsobasiclondon.com - who knew filling in a form could be so fun!

DIRTY BONES – Dirty Dinner

If you’re a fan of filthy brunches, big burgers, dirty hot dogs and lethal cocktails, this is somewhere that’ll right up your alley.  First things first, Dirty Bones is not somewhere to go a relaxed, elegant dinner for two. It’s lively, buzzing and downright noisy. Just what you would expect from somewhere serving American style food like deep-fried mac… Read More »

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