Dinner Time

PATRON CAVE À MANGER – Cheese & Wine Deli

You know the French restaurant Patron from this post? Well, just two doors down from their fantastic restaurant, you’ll find their other French creation in the form of their French deli; Solely dedicated to all things cheese, meat and wine. So, if you’re a fan of any of those three things (why wouldn’t you be), then you need… Read More »

Patron Cave A Manger-61

DIP and FLIP – Gravy soaked burgers & fries!

If your NOT a fan of meat, cheese or gravy look away now. Equally, if you’re on a diet this probably isn’t the best thing to being reading. Everyone else, this one is for you! We’re talking a place where burgers are drenched in gravy, fries are smothered in cheese and things can get very VERY messy. This is London’s… Read More »

Dip and Flip - London's only gravy inspired restaurant where burgers are drenched in gravy, fries are smothered in cheese and things can get very VERY messy. More on www.notsobasiclondon.com

DIRTY BONES – Dirty Dinner

If you’re a fan of filthy brunches, big burgers, dirty hot dogs and lethal cocktails, this is somewhere that’ll right up your alley.  First things first, Dirty Bones is not somewhere to go a relaxed, elegant dinner for two. It’s lively, buzzing and downright noisy. Just what you would expect from somewhere serving American style food like deep-fried mac… Read More »


TOTA – Half Price Steak & Ribs Night!

Tooting Broadway. An area famous for curry, bingo and Primark. The best kind of place. About a 20 minutes tube ride from central, It’s undergone a serious makeover over the last few years. Slowly it’s becoming THE place to live and eat for young Londoners. There are loads of good places to eat in Tooting. Gravy dipped burgers… Read More »

Tota  - Half price steak and ribs night

PECKING ORDER – More than just chicken!

Chicken places are popping up all over the place and the mission is to visit them all. So the second place in the chicken hunt (first was Chicken Shop) is Pecking Order! Pecking Order is a rotisserie restaurant serving chicken every way you can think. In a bun, on a salad, deep fried or on its own. … Read More »

Pecking Order, Stanmore is a great place to go for chicken thats not the same old KFC or Nandos. Serving chicken burgers, wings and rotisserie chicken - lots more delicious details on www.notsobasiclondon.com
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