Dinner Time

LOKHANDWALA – Indian Style Tapas

Going out for an Indian doesn’t always mean the experience that we’re used to. While there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with the local restaurant serving up a favorite of chicken tikka masala, rice, and garlic naan bread (oh yes how we love that combo!!) or grabbing a takeaway on the way home after a few drinks… Read More »


BUN HOUSE – Cantonese Bao Street Cafe

Steamed buns have become a bit of a trend in London over the last few years. With popular Asian restaurants like Bao (known for its queue before it’s even opened) and Shoryu (known for its fantastic ramen) serving them up thick and fast, these little buns are certainly near the top of Londons trendiest foods list; and… Read More »

Bun House in Soho is Cantonese style street food cafe serving great sweet and savoury steamed buns. More on notsobasiclondon.com

PATRON CAVE À MANGER – Cheese & Wine Deli

You know the French restaurant Patron from this post? Well, just two doors down from their fantastic restaurant, you’ll find their other French creation in the form of their French deli; Solely dedicated to all things cheese, meat and wine. So, if you’re a fan of any of those three things (why wouldn’t you be), then you need… Read More »

Patron Cave A Manger-61
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