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10 Pimped up Banana Breads You Must Eat In London

Banana bread is the BEST ever excuse to eat cake for breakfast and London has some amazing ones offer. Whether its topped with cream, sprinkled with nuts or served with bacon (yes, that’s a thing) here’s 10 pimped up banana breads you MUST in London. 1. Palm Vaults, Hackey …with coconut yoghurt, berries and agave… Read More »

10 Pimped Up Banana Breads You Must Eat in London

PEGGY PORSCHEN – London’s Prettiest Coffee Shop

Once upon a time, there was a little cafe in heart of London’s Belgravia called … Nah, I’m only just kidding. This ain’t no fairytale story, but what we are talking about is one fairy tale looking place. Sitting on a quiet corner of London’s Victoria and just off the beaten track is the prettiest, pinkest, most instagrammable coffee… Read More »

Peggy Porschen is London's prettiest must visit coffee shop serving beautiful cupcakes, cookies and layer cakes. More on

5 Weird Doughnuts You Must Eat In London.

When you can’t decide between a doughnut, muffin, croissant or eclair, London has you covered. Here are 5 weird doughnuts you must eat in London … a bit odd, but very tasty! 1. Cronut – Dum Dum Donutterie, Shoreditch. The world famous cronut is a mash-up of two beloved bakery items – a croissant and doughnut. With it’s… Read More »

When you can't decide between a doughnut, muffin, croissant or eclair, London has you covered. Here are 5 weird doughnuts you must eat in London. More on

MILK TRAIN – Ice-cream like you’ve never seen it before!

London never fails to come up with some quirky food ideas. Cereal sold by the bowl at Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden, a place dedicated to porridge at 26grains in Covent Garden and a place in Soho called Hipchips that just does crisps and dips! Now there’s somewhere with a queue out the door whipping… Read More »

Milk Train is London's first and only candy floss icecream parlour. Choose from 3 flavours, 9 toppings and 2 sauces; all wrapped up in super sweet and sticky candy floss. Whatever the weather this is on the list for must places to eat in London. More details on

THE ALBERTS DELI – Who doesn’t love a crisp sandwich!

Not many places do it anymore, but when you order a sandwich and it comes with a handful of crisps, angels sing at the thought being able to stuff them inside and make your very own crisp sandwich. One of the easiest and tastiest things on earth. The Albert Deli is a little cafe a… Read More »

The Alberts Deli in Richmond is a local deli that does amazing club sandwiches, cakes and salads. Have a walk around Richmond park and head here for lunch. More on

HIGH TEA OF HIGHGATE – Great Afternoon Tea For £6.95

If you haven’t heard of or been to Highgate Village, it’s a beautiful part that doesn’t feel like your in London at all. Away from the tourist traps in the centre, It has some lovely pubs, greengrocers, butchers and some VERY expensive houses that some VERY famous people live in. Right in the centre of this little… Read More »

High tea of Highgate is a beautiful tea shop in Highgate, North London. As well as cakes and pastries they do an afternoon tea of scones cream and jam with a cup of tea for just £6.95. Lots more photos on

25 Places To Eat Nutella in London

Nutella is possibly the greatest thing to ever come out of Italy (with pizza a close second?) It has taken the world by storm and it’s certainly hit London with a big delicious bang. From cookies to cronuts, milkshakes to muffnuts (don’t ask), here are 25 places to eat Nutella in London – and you… Read More »

Ae you a Nutella fan?? Here are 25 places to eat Nutella in London. The only list you'll need ever! Find out all 25 on
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