Why You’ll Love Alexandra Palace Farmers Market

Why You’ll Love Alexandra Palace Farmers Market
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Sundays are always a good market day.  A day where you don’t want to do too much but some fresh air, a good walk and some good food are just what the doctor ordered before the week starts all over again.

Where can you do all that? Alexandra Palace Farmers Market in North London.

Alexandra Palace Farmers Market

Ally Pally (as its known by its nickname) first opened in 1873. Since then it’s survived two fires, was the venue to host the first-ever television broadcast and now entertains thousands of people at their numerous events and concerts every month.

Every Sunday its grounds are home to a small but mighty neighbourhood market doing some of the best locally sourced produce in London.

IMG_5419Photo: visitlondon.com

Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-63

Ally Pally is one of those markets where the traders know their customers and the customers know their traders. Where the person behind the stall has a story and so do their products.

You’ll find artisan cheeses, fresh fish and vegetables to take home…

Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-50Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-5Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-47

There’s street food stalls doing breakfast bacon rolls to freshly made French crepes. All of which can be taken to eat overlooking panoramic views of the entire city.

Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-20 Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-60 Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-43Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-26

Plus all the sweet stuff you can wish for like doughnuts, brownies, and macaroons.

Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-13Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-54Alexandra Palace Farmers Market-12

This market isn’t massive in size but its big in heart. The service, experience and knowledge behind each product and tells a story that you won’t find at any supermarket.

Ally Pally is open every Sunday so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen and are planning a trip one weekend click here to find out more. Go with an empty belly and plenty of money. Then go home and sleep off the food coma.

Perfect Sunday.

IMG_5422Photo: Wikimedia.org



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